Time Management: How to Juggle it All with P.R.I.M.E.

 "You can do ANYTHING, but not EVERYTHING"

 Time. That is a very loaded word to everyone in the world.  I was sitting with my husband the other day and we were talking about how in the beginning before there was no sin time did not matter as much. We all lived and never died.

 When man sinned and death became a part of life and time became more relevant. We are only given so much time on this earth, only so many years, days, and minutes to accomplish some very big tasks. When you look at time in this manner you really don’t want to waste one blessed second. You really want to live life to its fullest.  
So where is the post going you ask, because you are probably agreeing with what I have said so far.
Managing the precious time we are given seems to be one of the biggest struggles a person faces!  If you remember my introduction post to this series you know that I was really struggling with focusing all my time on things that were not beneficial to me or my family. This is one way people can struggle with time; some people are perfectionists so they will only do one thing until it is done just right, others struggle to get past organizing all of things that need to be done to actually do them. There are so many reasons that managing time is hard. But when you look at time as a gift you start to realize you have to appreciate it and use it in the most effective way possible.
This was when I started using a very simple system to take control of time management:
P.R.I.M.E. is just my brain working out a process to manage my time. It is a repetitive and almost systematic thing I do know when something new is added or wanting to be added to my life.
P- Prioritize

R- Routine

I- Innovate


E- Evaluate
Over the next 5 weeks I will be breaking each step down and showing you how I complete each task.
Today I want to talk about Prioritizing.
For me this has to be the first step when deciding how something will fit into my time.  If it is not something that I feel is a priority I do not want to spend any time on it. Just like with money if the item is not needed why buy it?
So when I hear that there is a new store in town or if I know that I need to clean my downstairs bathroom  or even if there is a family event I first decided if it HAS to be done, and which type of priority it is.
I have set up a simple list for priorities:






School will one day be replaced with work but if something cannot fit in one of those categories then I am not going to be spending my time on it. I sometimes try to make something loosely fit in a category and it normally starts conflicting with my routine or schedule and I know that it is really not something I need to focus on and just try to stop doing it.
How did I come up with these priorities? I decided what the most important things to me in life were. If you are a Christian you know that the normal hierarchy of things is God, family, work. I strongly believe this so I have the same idea only I added home and self because I also think that as a stay at home mom my job is to manage our home effectively and it is my duty to take care of myself in order to maintain all of the other duties. This does not mean I get my hair done every week and splurge on clothes but that I am making time to rest properly, fill up my fun tank, and enjoy the little things in life as well as continually grow with new knowledge. 

My most important lesson when it came to prioritizing my time was to follow two rules:

  • 1.       Cut out things that do not promote positivity and anything that is not necessary
  • 2.       Add things that do promote positivity and are beneficial to my family, school, and self.

From there I listed my priorities and turned them into goals each month.   
For example,
Priority: Family

 ~Spend quality time with my husband

Goal:  each month spend 3 nights a week doing something together with limited or no social media or phone distractions.
This planner is the where I breakdown my goal and prioritize my daily activities

This is a really specific priority because I know how I want to spend my time and ultimately as each day passes when I am not making time for my family I am losing it.

Learning to place events, new opportunities, and old mundane things into a prioritized goal is the first step to learning how to juggle it all!

Stay tuned next week for R-Routines


  1. Visiting from the Chat & Link Up Party!

    There's a quote that your post made me think of from Stephen Covey that I really like about prioritizing..

    "The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities"

    Everything you have noted is a priority for you.. and therefore each one deserves your time & attention!

    Great post!

  2. That is a perfect quote it sum's up this post perfectly! I am going to have to write that down. Thank you for sharing that and stopping by, I loved your post on the 27 Marriage Truths!

  3. I really enjoyed this post and I need to work on some of this things . I love the way you broke every thing down...PRIME. I'll have to follow your follow up posts. Great tips! Thank you for sharing at the Click and Chat . Kim @ This Ole Mom

    1. Hi Kim! Thank you very much, I have been searching years for "my perfect" fit when it came to time management. Life is full of curve balls so I figure if I could develop a system when the unexpected happens I can take it with stride. Thanks for visiting!