Happy Thanksgiving!

  Hi Lovely nifty thrifty  readers, I wanted to take a minute to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

The past two weeks has been one of the most trying and sadest time of my 28 years.

On November 11th, I lost the most dearest and influential  women in my life, my grandmother or more commonly know as, grams.

If you follow me you have without a doubt heard me write about her. As a matter of fact she was one of my biggest inspirations to live a frugal  life.

Grams was not sick so her passing was very unexpected and very quick.
During the viewing  and funeral I came to find that many people prefer loved ones to pass swiftly. While I do not want any loved ones to suffer,  knowing that there is a more limited time left, helps me process things more effectively.

Nonetheless I do not regret anything. I was with my grams on the day she passed and she even got to do her favorite thing; watch my little man for 2 hours!
I feel nothing but blessed and privileged to have loved and been loved by this strong willed women.
Losing grams has hit me, my family,  and my oldest son hard.

Then, on November 19th, my husband received a phone call saying that his mammaw had passed.

Our family  is very emotionally fragile for this Holiday of food and family.
I will be making my grams famous mac and cheese this year for dinner.
Both women were widow's and with their passing ends a very special era.
I have plans to be back to blogging December 1st. I will be picking up one deal a day until December 20th and sharing a few other posts.
Until then please have our family in your prayers and don't take your time for granted. I was so lucky to have spent so much time with my grams these years while I blog and continue my education it makes things easier because I have so memories to look back on.
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy food, family, and fellowship! !

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