Goal Setting: The 5 Areas of Life to Set Goals

Welcome back to the second part in my goal setting series for 2015? Have you made any goals for this year yet? Not sure where to begin?

5 Areas in Life to Set Goals For
Today I wanted to talk a little on the five areas of life that almost anyone can set goals in.

5? Really?

Yes, and if you are over ambitious you can most likely come up with many more.

First, I want to detour a little. Just a little.

WHY do I feel it is important to set goals?
Well, until last year I was a skeptic as well. I did one or two New Years Resolutions and gave in to those about 2 weeks in. Then I would do some sort of "gotta get back on track" half way through the year, and at the end of the year when I realized I just wondered my way through with no direction, I " am gonna get my act together in 20**".

Until I started at the beginning of the year with a few areas I wanted to improve upon and made small effective strategies to achieve those goals IT NEVER MADE SENSE why anyone would make goals either.

Back on track now.

Here is the 2nd video talking about the areas everyone can set goals for!
I hope that this video gives you the some great starting points goal setting for 2015!

Check back Saturday for the last part of this little series How to Maintain your Goals and DON'T FORGET to tell me your goals!


Areas in life to set goals in a series on goal setting
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