Goal Setting: How to Maintain Goals

I hope that everyone has been digging in and really focusing on setting goals for themselves this year! One of the easiest things to do is create a goal. The hardest thing to do is mange and maintain that goal. Today I want to share 3 PERSONAL ways that I stay on track and maintain my goals throughout the year.

As with any commitment goals can be hard to stick with.

Today I wanted to talk about how to maintain your goals and achieve them by years end!

Visual Representation:

One of the keys for me to stick with a goal is to be able to write it and see it on a day to day bases. For me that is in my planner. 

You can also do this on your smart phone, with a vision board or even with goggle calendar.

The ideas is that you are constantly seeing or thinking about the goals and steps to reach those goals They should not in the back of your mind, but the first and last thing you see each day.

Set Goal Steps with Rewards:

Breaking goals up into smaller steps is a must!

Setting a Goal to Lose 40 lbs is completely overwhelming but saying, to lose 40 pounds this week I am going to focus on eating a healthy breakfast and next week I am going to walk 10,000 steps each day.

Then when you accomplish the mini-goal don't forget to treat yourself.
It doesn't have to cost much and is should NOT go against your ultimate goal (IE don't allow yourself a tub of ice cream if you trying to lose weight).

One of my favorites is watching TV or taking a bath. These are things I do not normally do and are considered a treat!


Having a buddy system is place can only help you. I have enlisted the help of some good friends.

There are a variety of ways to stay accountable. Daily text messages, physically completing an activity together, email, forums, facebook groups. You could even pay a coach! The list goes on,

Being held accountable gives me the extra nudge I need but also you feel more achieved at the end of a journey because you lived up to the task at hand.

Hey you can even email me if you don't have anyone! I am a great financial partner :)

Zig Zigler said:
"What you get by achieving your goals is not nearly as important as what you become by achieving them"
This is very true. Reaching a goal teaches you will power, self determination, and that in the end, if you work hard enough, make smart and strategic plans, you can do most anything!

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Now tell me what your goals are!



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    1. @relyingingod you kmow it! My legs are jello just thinking about it!!

    2. @relyingingod you kmow it! My legs are jello just thinking about it!!