Swagbucks: Earn Rewards for Shopping, Surveys and more!

I have been dying to share Swagbucks with you all! But, I never knew the right time. When I was out to dinner with some friends they really were interested in the process. So I decided now was the right time!


Locals! Bittersweet Farms Soy Candles are on SALE!

Hi all! If you remember...way...way back when I first started this adventure I did a giveaway with Bittersweet Farm Soy Candles. You can find it here if you were just too curious!


Live Q&A Breakdown {1/27/15}

Thank you all for your lovely questions tonight for the first live Q&A of 2015!!

Join Me Live Q&A {goal setting and budgeting}

Hey Guys! I am starting off this year with a goal setting a budgeting LIVE Q&A tonight at 8:45pm est.

If you want your questions answered join me here at 8:45 and post your questions here!

We will be discussing:
Extra expenses and how to plan
How to not feel like you are not depriving yourself when you are savings or on a tight budget
SMART goal setting
and more!!

Get your questions in now:) XX,

Sweet Potato Bacon Hash

One of my (our) goals for 2015 is to be making healthier choices BUT still stick to our $220.00 a month grocery budget for a family of 4.


Shop with Me {Week of 1/18/15} 54% Savings!

There were way too many great deals this week to pass up heading out to the store for a little couponing trip...or 3. This week I was able to save an average of 54% off my total bill and get some very nice items that will be kicking off a new group that I am putting together (more on that soon).



Goal Setting: How to Maintain Goals

I hope that everyone has been digging in and really focusing on setting goals for themselves this year! One of the easiest things to do is create a goal. The hardest thing to do is mange and maintain that goal. Today I want to share 3 PERSONAL ways that I stay on track and maintain my goals throughout the year.

As with any commitment goals can be hard to stick with.


Goal Setting: The 5 Areas of Life to Set Goals

Welcome back to the second part in my goal setting series for 2015? Have you made any goals for this year yet? Not sure where to begin?


S.M.A.R.T. Goal Planning for 2015

How to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals
I remember watching a movie when I was little that took place in 2015, that makes me feel really old and a little odd that the year is here and not much has changed.