Live Q&A Breakdown {1/27/15}

Thank you all for your lovely questions tonight for the first live Q&A of 2015!!

Whop!! Who is excited that I will be having a live Q&A EVERY month this year?? What YOU are? I am glad to hear it because I want to know what's on your mind for next month! So make sure to leave a comment below, email me or even Facebook or instagram to ask your questions.

This month we focused on goal setting and how to budget. I even got my first real personal question...I felt honored (I think).

Here is the live stream and a breakdown for all you busy ones out there that need a direct link.

Minute 1:53- How do you budget and save for extras like gifts, doctor's appts ect?
Minute 6:13- Do you ever feel like you are giving up or sacrificing too many things living on a tight budget
Minute 8:36- Do you ever feel overwhelmed when goal planning or goal setting?
Minute 11:45- How to SMART plan


The NTL {nifty thrifty lady} live Q&A will be held on the last Tuesday of every month with March being the only exception (date TBA). So get our your planner and save the date so we can get to chat!!

Next months Live Q&A will be focusing on How save on every month budget items and how to add income to your budget. I will also be taking general budgeting questions!


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