How a Spending Plan will Save you Money

Spending planIf you are like most people in the world the thought of budgeting sends you into unknown territory. The work seems to be right up there with most 4-letter words!

Why? One word: Restrictive.

 The definition of restrictive: to prevent or prohibit; or to limit.  

Most humans run from a limiting or prohibitive type of life style.
This more likely to occur when the object that is being limited is your own hard earned money! You work day and night, give up time with family, sweat, bleed, and sometimes even cry to make money and provide for yourself and family.

Who has the right to restrict you from spending it?
The word, Budget, left our house a long time ago.
I really don't want to budget. That is just an end to the means.
I want to live life and not sit depressed because I am withholding money from myself.

Enter the Spending Plan.

Just listen to those words! Spending. Plan. Here's why it works:

  •  First, you are are ALLOWING yourself the privilege of spending your money. 
  • Second, you are creating a plan or telling your money where to go. A spending plan makes YOU in charge of the money. And that's all we could ask for...besides a million dollars and world peace, right!
The reality of a spending plan is you create it the same way you do a big bad B-word
Using the term spending plan really is just training your brain to think of budgeting money in a positive manner!

The moment you start thinking of restricting your money, just like a diet and you food, will feel the urge to spend out of pure rebellion.

Creating a spending plan can be the easy part of this process. Once you have the plan in place you need to take steps to maintain and track your spending and create financial goals

monthly envelope system

If you have any questions about creating a spending plan I would love to help! Contact me today.


How to make a Spending Plan

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