Container Gardening: Summer Series

Container Gardening
You saw that right, I am doing another Summer Series! I am so excited to try my hand at container gardening this year. I know this is a HUGE interest to many readers. I decided to share my success, my failures, and all the yummy produce I get from my small garden.

This series will be done in video format. I hope you guys are liking this, because I feel like I can accomplish so much more by doing a quick video, editing it, and writing a smaller but more informative blog post. Don't fret if you are not liking it because I PROMISE I have some really exceptional written posts coming too.
With-out further suspense :

Container Gardening: Summer Series

What I am growing:
2 Patio Tomato Plants 
4 Ever baring Strawberry Plants
2 June Baring Strawberry Pants
1 Jalapeno Pepper Plant
1 Yellow Squash Plant
1 Zucchini Plant
Tomato Gardening

Strawberry Planters

Herb Garden

Where did I purchase:
This is quite the conglomeration folks! I picked up plants as I found healthy look ones at a great price!

My Cilantro, which I have harvested twice is from Martin's  Grocery store! They have a great selection of herbs for around $2.99. Great price for thriving herbs.

Rosemary, basil, and parsley was purchased at a greenhouse in Mercersburg, P.A. called Trayers. 

Yellow Squash was purchased for $1.00 at a farmers market stand at North Square Famer's Market in Chambersburg, PA. This is steal for what I am going to get from the plant!

My strawberries, pepper, and zucchini was purchased from The Vine Garden Plant Stand in Boonsboro, MD. If you are still looking for plants check out this spot! They are currently holding a sale on all Veggies plants 50% off (June 2015).

Finally. The tomato plants were gifted to me from my in-laws!

What have I learned:

  • Parsley likes to be watered every other day, it really likes to dry out between waterings.
  • Squash likes sun, but not the hot daytime sun. I had to move my plants a little so that the squash was getting morning and evening sun instead of the hottest afternoon sun
  • My Dog LOVES smelling strawberry plants! Does anyone know why? I still can't find this out.

What has the garden yielded:
To this point I have harvest all of the herbs many times. 
My Pepper plant has tiny, tiny peppers!
There are blooms on my tomatoes and squash.
Fingers crossed for my strawberries!!

Do you container garden? I want to hear how it worked for you and ANY tips or advice you can give me.
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