How to Feel Content, Not Deprived When Becoming Debt Free

how to survive becoming debt freeNo, No, No, No, no no no. NO!

This word is not just what moms say a million times a day to their 2 year old or what their 2 year old responses with equally each day.

No is also a place of discontentment when people are on their journey of becoming financially free. If you think about this longer than a minute you will get it right away.

How many times have you had to say no to a purchase, event, or experience because it didn't fit into your budget.

How many times have you desperately wished you could say YES to that NO?

This place is called discontentment a place where you are making sacrifices in vein more or less.

The no is like a rebellious child who refused dessert because they were mad at their parents even though they really, really want it.

I find that people become discontent many times over the course of their financial freedom journey. It happens to every single person no matter how long or short the journey, no matter how motivated or unmotivated you are. Knowing this is comforting for me personally because I felt for the longest time that I was just not dedicated or "frugal" enough when the feeling of depravity came up.


I wanted to share with you how I have overcome, for the most part, feeling deprived and am more or less content in this season of life.

1. Keep your eye on the prize. This is not a big surprise or shocking new ideas.  No matter what your end goal: weight lose, debt freedom, saving for retirement you have to have to know what you are sacrificing for. The way you do keep your eye in the prize maybe a little different for each person. For me I like to make it visual and track it even in the littlest changes.

2. Give your self permission to spend. I know there are some cut throat, die hard, debt cutter out there that instead of spending money throw themselves into earning more and more to pay off debt. I tip my hat to them. That is not our family. Honestly that is the smallest percentage of people who are focusing on paying off debt. When you are losing weight I feel this method is close to a "fad diet" not creating a lifestyle.  For everyone that is not an extreme debt cutter, set aside some money for yourself or family to do things you enjoy while you are on your journey. I never want to look back at this time and regret it. I want to look back once we are debt free and say YES! I accomplished an amazing task and I got to experience so much while doing it.
WARNING: There are limits though you probably should not be going on a 10 day cruise to the Bahamas but putting back a couple hundred over the year to take a few day trips is absolutely fine! Moderation people. Moderation.

3.You can't take it with you. As I get older something my grandparents used to say is ringing louder and louder. "You can't take it with you." I think one of the biggest ways to not feel deprived is to change your perspective and lifestyle about material items. We have to focus on the things that will last after we are gone from this earth, our legacy. Do we want to leave a huge house filled with things, a boat, or vacation home to children that never come around OR do we want to leave a small inheritance to children that value life, money, and God? I can't answer for you but for me I want the latter. This made our families financial freedom journey take off when I realized that I didn't need all the things "the Jones" had and my kids were just as happy as those kids if not more.

To feel content with your season of life you need to make a change in thinking, spending, lifestyle,  and your heart.

If you are looking to start budgeting to take control of your finances you will enjoy How to Create a Zero Based Budget.

If you are looking for ways to save money in your budget you may want to start here.

Finally, if you are looking for a perspective change in your thinking I would suggest reading Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey,

I wish you all the best and would love to hear how you have learned to be content while slashing debt.

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