Weekly Goals to Achieve with Weekly Menu Plans

I hope everyone has been encouraged or at the very least learned something new about me and my family by my sharing my weekly goals.

I am enjoying sharing them and reflecting back over my week. You guys are also making me more accountable even if your on the other end of the screen.

This week I came to a rather obvious conclusion. I am never not going to have a lot on my plate. It is just not who I am. I LOVE down time but prefer to keep learning, exploring, and letting my kids do the same. I need to EMBRACE this and move on instead of trying to act like I am able to carve out hours of dream like relaxation and "me" time.

Yes, I know we all need that time and I do plan to take it but just in different ways for this season of life.

What are some ways you squeeze in time for yourself?


Weekly Goals to Achieve

Learn how to set goals that make your week more productive as I share my personal goals
To say that I was over ambitious and very bad at time management this past week would only be speaking the truth. I really didn't expect back to school to affect my routine very much...after all I wasn't the one going to school. However, as most of you know my boys have a large age difference almost 7 years and I am not to humble to admit my oldest is awesome at playing with his little brother. This in turn free's up what I call "time to get things DONE". That little bit of "get things done time" went out the window with back to school and now I am readjusting my days and schedule to accommodate my youngest.

This is looking at lot like homeschooling actually. We are reading, coloring, working with multiplicative and discovering things outside. Thank goodness I got my degree in early childhood ed!

But my to-do lists are not getting done and my house is a mess.

I need to recalibrate and find my new balance I suppose. Does this happen to anyone else with back to school?


The Top 5 Things that Saved me Money this Summer

Saving money encompasses more than just using coupons and budgeting. Learn 5 uncommon and unique ways to save money over the summer.
I know summer is nearly over based on the calendar and by the kids catching the bus each morning for school. However, I wanted to share the top five things that are not so normal, that saved us money over this summer!

This summer was very different for us. Normally I create a calendar of things for the boys and I to do everyday of the week and most are local plus cheap/free. Last summer I found this really hard to do with the age differences of my guys one is 2.5 and the other is 9.  Realistically, my youngest does not have the attention span to sit through longer library programs and my oldest gets very board going to little plays.


My Weekly Goals to Achive

This week was a whirlwind! If this is any indication of how my fall is going to be I better buckle up because I am in for a FAST ride.

For it being very busy I feel as though I accomplished a LOT and even some things that were not on my goals which made me feel a little overambitious to be honest.


Back to Basics|Saving in the Kitchen {Freezing Fresh Green beans}

Storing food from your garden

I am happy to be back with another episode of Back to Basics|Saving in the Kitchen today! I am enjoying how many ideas I have for you all. Today I wanted to show you have to make the most of the summer with freezing fresh foods. I am showing you specifically how to freeze green beans but this technique can be used on many of your garden favorites.


Martin's Grocery Haul and Deals {8/9/15}

This week was the first week I had been to a real grocery store in about 2 months! I have been enjoying the summer and just making one or two bigger grocery hauls each month. Normally these are done at Sam's and Aldi then I get little things at Target and local farmer's Markets.
That is the best thing about creating a stockpile if USABLE items. We don't always have to go to the store.
This month it is back to the norm and I am back to shopping deals and replenishing my stockpile for back to school and long nights at the soccer field.
Here are my favorite deals at Martin's this week!


How to Feel Content, Not Deprived When Becoming Debt Free

how to survive becoming debt freeNo, No, No, No, no no no. NO!

This word is not just what moms say a million times a day to their 2 year old or what their 2 year old responses with equally each day.

No is also a place of discontentment when people are on their journey of becoming financially free. If you think about this longer than a minute you will get it right away.

How many times have you had to say no to a purchase, event, or experience because it didn't fit into your budget.

How many times have you desperately wished you could say YES to that NO?


My Weekly Goals to Achieve

I am not sure I have been this excited in a long time! If you read my post early last week about how I am defining my direction for The Nifty Thrifty Lady, you know that I want to start sharing some more personal posts and ideas. One of the topics that kept coming up is my goals, for the week, blog, life in general. So I am just going to share my goals here, with you! Not only will this help you get to know me a little better, it will make me accountable and I hope my encourage you to create goals and achieve them!

We are heading into the last week of summer vacation and soccer starts for us this week which means  I am back into "mom" mode. Last week we made the most of summer and built a tree house for the boys while Jeff was off. We made so many amazing memories doing this and I got to use power tools which is one of my favorite things to do!

I also decided it was time to conquer the growing mountain of toys that was in the living room and littlest guys bedroom! This was quite the undertaking but I am so glad I did it.

Finally we went to church on Sunday as a whole family. This was such a blessing and the perfect way to end the week.

This Weeks Goals 8/9/15-8/16/15:

  • Read 3 chapters in Made to Crave
  • Gym 3 times

  • Women's Bible Group
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Church Sunday

  • Get back on track with Laundry/Cleaning Schedule for start of school
  • Get Soccer Field Bags Ready
  • Start School Schedule Night and Morning Routines

Volunteer Jobs:
  • Set up PTA Meeting

  • Post 3 times
  • Send out network meeting email
  • Update newsletter

  • Continue Study Plan
  • Email Course Mentor

What are your goals? How do you set them and then achieve them? Feel free to leave a comment and share your goals too!



Saving on Back to School Essentials

Saving on Back to School Essentials

We flipped the calendar to August and just like that we are all in back to school mode. The sweet bliss of summer is over when you walk into target and all you see is school supplies and dorm furnishings.
 I will admit as a parent whose Child's PTA provides school supplies each year I don’t have that sense of being overwhelmed. (We moved schools so now I feel it!)
However, as the schools new PTA president I just purchased supplies for 150 little ones! Let me say this was much more overwhelming and I skipped my workout after loading my car up.
While I don’t have to buy school supplies, I do like to take advantage of the sales to stock up for myself and our house. Little confession along with cookbooks I also L.O.V.E. office supply.


Choosing my Direction

I really don’t want to sound like I don’t have it all together or that I am indecisive. But in reality I am a little of both. As I was chatting with a good friend the other night we got on the subject of my site. She asked if I was unmotivated and not as “in to it” as I used to be. Which then got me to thinking is that what all my readers think?