My Weekly Goals to Achive

This week was a whirlwind! If this is any indication of how my fall is going to be I better buckle up because I am in for a FAST ride.

For it being very busy I feel as though I accomplished a LOT and even some things that were not on my goals which made me feel a little overambitious to be honest.

Monday was my only day with a clean slate so I took advantage and got as caught up on my moutian of laundry...I won't lie it is kinda outta control again because this week was non-stop and laundry is my most dreaded chore.  I will be back at it this Monday. Tuesday started the whirlwind with a doctors appointment and Captivating Women's bible study. I have to stop and share about how powerful women's group was. I had not been over the summer because we had other things planned. I thought I might skip this one as well because I was so busy I just wanted to take the evening to rest. Earlier that day I felt like I should go because it was going to be a great night. Well folks it was an AMAZING night! The group was small only 7 ladies but it was the most moving night of prayer I have every experienced in my life. We had a guest speaker who studies and teaches listening prayer.

If you have not heard of it look it up. The more formal name is Sozo and no it is not a foreign ritual. I was very skeptical. I not a very loud worshiper or very spirited so I could not imagine why God had called me to go and be so uncomfortable. By the end of the night I had the most emotional and spiritual praying session that had I not going I think I would have missed some very important messages from God.

After Tuesday I was on a high! The week just flew by. We had soccer two nights, I got to keep my sweet niece two nights while her parents vacationed, made some PTA drop offs for the teachers, taught a couponing class,  and tried to  complete my goals for the week.

After that full week we even made it to Church on Sunday. I think we may even have found our new home church....Fingers crossed!

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Read 3 chapters in Made to Crave
  • Gym 3 times

  • Women's Bible Group
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • Church Sunday

  • Get back on track with Laundry/Cleaning Schedule for start of school
  • Get Soccer Field Bags Ready
  • Start School Schedule Night and Morning Routines

Volunteer Jobs:
  • Set up PTA Meeting

  • Post 3 times
  • Send out network meeting email
  • Update newsletter


  • Continue Study Plan
  • Email Course Mentor

I did not get to read my bible every single day... I am working on this! I did clean and do laundry but I didn't maintain it. I am slow at getting back to my study plan for school because I am not thrilled with this class. I know that's not an excuse but I am lacking motivation for it. I am very proud of the things I did get done and can I say that I think my youngest is finally potty trained!! SO this trumps all of my goals for the week.

Goals for week of 8/18/15:


  • Read 3 Chapters of Made to Crave
  • Gym 3 times
  • Wake up by 6:15am


  • Read bible Daily
  • Church Sunday
  • Listening pray once with the boys


  • Create after school routine
  • Replace outside light bulbs
  • Pick 3 areas of relationship to improve

Volunteer Jobs:

  • Get ready for first PTA meeting
  • Make recipes for meal planning class


  • Post three times
  • Networking meeting
  • Promote posts


  • Catch up on Study Plan

What are your goals for this week and how do you plan to accomplish them?


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