Weekly Goals to Achieve with Weekly Menu Plans

I hope everyone has been encouraged or at the very least learned something new about me and my family by my sharing my weekly goals.

I am enjoying sharing them and reflecting back over my week. You guys are also making me more accountable even if your on the other end of the screen.

This week I came to a rather obvious conclusion. I am never not going to have a lot on my plate. It is just not who I am. I LOVE down time but prefer to keep learning, exploring, and letting my kids do the same. I need to EMBRACE this and move on instead of trying to act like I am able to carve out hours of dream like relaxation and "me" time.

Yes, I know we all need that time and I do plan to take it but just in different ways for this season of life.

What are some ways you squeeze in time for yourself?

4 Things we Did this Week

 We look selfies with my new tripod attachment and Bluetooth remote! I needed my oldest to help set everything up. I highly recommend this to trick an older child into a few photos with mom ;)

I FINALLY got new curtains for my bedroom!! If you are following me on Periscope (and you really should!) you saw how I got these new curtains and how long I have been waiting! 

I hosted this months girls night in. Anytime I am the host we always have fruit infused water. Simple, cheap, and tasty,

Finally, we played a long time in our back yard. This house and yard has been a blessing to us and I am determined to take full advantage of it. 
On to last weeks goals:

Goals for week of 8/24-8/30:

Gym 3 times (I got to the gym twice and did an at home workout)
Up at 6:15am, Bed at 11pm (hahaha! Maybe this week for both!)

Read Bible Daily (My goal is to bed in bed each night) ( this started out good but I ended up falling into bed towards the end of the week)
Church on Sunday ( we stayed home to rest, there was a guest praise band me missed!)

New routines for back to school
-grocery day
-after school
Replace outside light bulb (this really needs done!) (Would anyone want to replace this for me??)
Soccer practices
Attend free trial growing with music class (My lovely little car went back into the shop..oy!)

Scope first Periscope Thursday(join me just search for niftythrifyldy)
2 blog posts
promote posts

Mentor call
Study Plan 

Goals for 8/31/2015


  • Gym 3 times/ Move everyday!
  • Bed by 11pm
  • Daily bible reading
  • Church on Sunday
  • Replace outside light bulb
  • Soccer practice
  • Pick one area of marriage to improve
  • Reply to interview questions
  • Post twice this week
  • Write two posts for next week WE ARE ON VACATION!!
  • Mentor Call
  • Study Plan (two Weeks)
Menu Plans

BLT Salads

The Stay-at-Home Life
Different take on Black Beans and Rice

Simple Pasta dish

Buffalo Chicken Wraps
Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Simple Smoked Sausage with peppers and potatoes

We have a busy week so I am hoping to stick to this meal plan and not have to think at all about it!

What is on your menu this week? Come over and share it with me!

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