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Learn how to set goals that make your week more productive as I share my personal goals
To say that I was over ambitious and very bad at time management this past week would only be speaking the truth. I really didn't expect back to school to affect my routine very much...after all I wasn't the one going to school. However, as most of you know my boys have a large age difference almost 7 years and I am not to humble to admit my oldest is awesome at playing with his little brother. This in turn free's up what I call "time to get things DONE". That little bit of "get things done time" went out the window with back to school and now I am readjusting my days and schedule to accommodate my youngest.

This is looking at lot like homeschooling actually. We are reading, coloring, working with multiplicative and discovering things outside. Thank goodness I got my degree in early childhood ed! But my to-do lists are not getting done and my house is a mess.

I need to recalibrate and find my new balance I suppose. Does this happen to anyone else with back to school?

3 Things we did last week

 1. We celebrated a little ladies first birthday! My niece turned 1!! My sister had her party at a local park from 10am-noon and it was the perfect weather! The kids ran (can't you tell look at my little guys beet red face) played soccer and had light refreshment because the time was perfect to not have a large food spread!
 2. School started and we now have a 4th grader!! He will be staying busying with sports, band, and church this year... I will also be staying busy with sports, band, and church.

3. We rested a lot and went to church on Sunday (if you are keeping track that is three Sundays in a row!!)YAY us!

Now we must look at last weeks goals....this is slightly embarrassing. 

Goals for week of 8/18/15:

  • Read 3 Chapters of Made to Crave
  • Gym 3 times
  • Wake up by 6:15am


  • Read bible Daily
  • Church Sunday
  • Listening pray once with the boys


  • Create after school routine
  • Replace outside light bulbs
  • Pick 3 areas of relationship to improve

Volunteer Jobs:

  • Get ready for first PTA meeting
  • Make recipes for meal planning class ( I gave away some of cookbooks instead)


  • Post three times
  • Networking meeting
  • Promote posts


  • Catch up on Study Plan
I was not lying, I did not have a great week at accomplishing my goals.

I made it to the gym once,and ran outside once,  read 0 chapters of Made to Crave and 2 chapters in the bible. I didn't get to any of my home/boys/marriage goals and only posted twice here last week. 

I going to take a step back this week and only put the TOP Priorities on my goals to achieve because I feel like this will bring me back into focusing on creating routines. 

Goals for week of 8/24-8/30:

Gym 3 times
Up at 6:15am, Bed at 11pm

Read Bible Daily (My goal is to bed in bed each night)
Church on Sunday

New routines for back to school
-grocery day
-after school
Replace outside light bulb (this really needs done!)
Soccer practices
Attend free trial growing with music class

Scope first Periscope Thursday(join me just search for niftythrifyldy)
2 blog posts
promote posts

Mentor call
Study Plan 

That's it folks I am not going to over commit this week since it is going to be a week of creating new things.

What are your goals for the week and are you feeling the pressure of back to school?


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