Free Guide to Creating Financial Goals

Guide to Creating Effective Financial Goals
I receive a lot of emails asking the same two questions.

1. Where do we start when looking to budget for our household?
2. I can't get my spouse to stick to a budget, help!

I think we can relate on some level. When I first started creating a budget, a real get us out of debt and start planning for our financial future. I had to learn a lot about how to budget AND had to present this whole concept to my husband. There were tears and some not so pretty talks through it. We were and sometimes are still right there with you guys!

Going back to this two questions I get most frequently about budgeting. I reflected on  how my husband and I really got on the same page and decided to create a free guide for all those that need it, more on that in a minute.

First I want to share a couple of things NOT TO DO.....P.S. this is all from personal experience so trust me!
  • DO NOT create a budget alone, take it to the other spouse and try to ENFORCE it as the new family budget. This is the quickest way to gain a supportive spouse. Promise.
  • DO NOT throw your arms up in anger and say "forget about it" when you are meet by resistance and differing opinions. Forgetting about your finances will never change them or improve them!
  • DO NOT Forget to communicate if only one person is tracking expenses. 
  • DO NOT become hostile if the other person overspends or in other words don't be a negative Nancy.we need a little grace at times. 
  • DO NOT expect a budget to be an automatic fix for your money. It takes 3-4 months to create a functioning budget.
  • DO NOT blame the other person for making the budget fail. 

Yes, we have had a long not always pretty road on our 14 years of figuring out finances.

I would like to say that because of this I can be transparent with our failures AND triumphs as far as financial goal planning goes! 

We have come full circle for this post which means its time to share with you may answer to the 2 earlier mentioned questions.

1. Where do we start when looking to budget for our household?
2. I can't get my spouse to stick to a budget, help

Sit down, grab some coffee, or snack and talk about your financial dreams. From there think about creating some mutual goals that both of you can agree on to reach those dreams. This FIRST step will take a lot of the arguments, guess work, and not so pretty talks out of your life...promise.

To learn how to create effective goals head over here and subscribe to our email list. From there you will be prompted to download a very simple worksheet with instructions that I and my husband used to create our first ever mutual goal and we continue to use this system to set goals.


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