Spicy Philly Cheesesteak on a Budget {3 Ways}

Philly Cheese Steaks on a Budget

 I am not a very spontaneous person. I like plans and thrive on routines. I also love spicy, bread, and cheese steak!!

My food creations on the other hand. while I like them to be planned, always take a new and unusual twist from the norm.

I love cookbooks but never actually use the whole recipe when cooking...baking is a little different. One extra teaspoon of something and you have a whole batch of cookies down the drain.

So when I was at the grocery store last week I saw a HUGE shelf of bakery goods reduced and inspiration struck.

I love hitting up the reduce shelves when I can spare the extra in my budget because the breads and pastries freeze wonderfully!

This week they had hoagies reduced to $1.73 so I grabbed one package and said "I want a Philly Cheesesteak"!


Martin's Grocery Haul, Coupon Deals, and Gas Deal

 This week was a great week at Martin's if you are in need of some gas points and a couple household essentials!

First, I just want to address a why you have not seen a lot of coupon deals, matchups, and shopping deals.


Weekly Goals to Achieve PLUS Menu Plans

The Ultimate to-do list
I saw the best graphic this week. I wish I would have saved it for you guys but it was just in passing and made me laugh. The picture was a circle graph of all the months of the year and each section represented how long each month felt.
January took up the largest part of the circle, I think we can all agree January seems to be the never ending month.
February through August were basically all even taking up just about the rest of the graph. 
Finally, September- December was represented by the tiniest little slivers of "pie" you have ever seen. 
That is exactly how the last quarter of the year is for me and I am betting you are nodding your head as well. 
With that said we have had a non-stop year, peaking when Jeff went into surgery two weeks ago and then going on vacation.

Last week I crashed from all of the hustle and bustle, worry, and life in general.

When this happens I normally retreat and stop everything not really moving forward or backwards.

This time thanks to a great blog I have been reading I decided to do something a little different.


Weekly Goals to Achieve PLUS Menu Plans

Goals, Menu PlansIt has been two weeks since I updated my weekly goals mostly because A LOT of unplanned things have happened and kept me from writing.

My idea to share my weekly goals and meal plans is to spark inspiration and encourage everyone to take few minutes each week to plan ahead.

I love the quote " A goal without a plan is just a wish" because without calculated steps to make your goals work, you will never achieve them.

When I  sit down for my planning time I always make sure to look at what I accomplished last week, how far this got me to the goal, and then plan what small step I can take to get even closer.

I also like to include my routines into my goals because honestly many of my routine things I would rather not do like wake up at 6am!!


Why and How Essential Oils Work

Essential Oils for Beginners

Have you heard about essential oils?

If you haven’t, it is just a matter of time. Essential oils are popping up in hospitals, spas, health magazines and even pop culture. Chances are you know someone who swears by essential oils. With all this hubbub have you wondered about what essential oils are and what they do? Are they just a fad with no scientific basis or are they some sort of miracle cure?

Essential oils aren’t new. In fact, the medicinal power of plants, often in the form of essential oils, has been utilized for centuries in different cultures. Modern day essential oils have benefited from improved planting, harvesting, cultivating and distilling techniques, but the scientific basis for utilization of oils in wellness hasn’t changed.


The Top 3 Things to do NOW so you can have a Debt-Free Holiday!

How to Plan a Debt Free Christmas
When September hits my calendar I know that I need to get out my Holiday Budget Tracker and start my list making for what I need to spend my hard earned money on.

I want to share three things that you can do today that will help you for the rest of the holiday season.


We are Taking a Vacation...No we are NOT Debt-Free, Yes we did just Spend a Minifortune

Happy Friday Everyone!  I have been really inspired lately to just speak the truth about finances...if you can't tell by the title of this post.

I love to education everyone on how to live a fun, frugal, and balanced life and for me to do this I to have to live a fun, frugal, and balanced life. The key word people often miss is balanced.


Free Guide to Creating Financial Goals

Guide to Creating Effective Financial Goals

I receive a lot of emails asking the same two questions.

1. Where do we start when looking to budget for our household?
2. I can't get my spouse to stick to a budget, help!

I think we can relate on some level. When I first started creating a budget, a real get us out of debt and start planning for our financial future. I had to learn a lot about how to budget AND had to present this whole concept to my husband. There were tears and some not so pretty talks through it. We were and sometimes are still right there with you guys!


Coupon Class for Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Coming Soon!

What's the best way to start out your September? By planning to attend a coupon class of course!
I have been working with a location for awhile trying to workout details so I can offer a new and improved coupon class with visual aids to keep us all up-to- date on technology and trends in couponing.
Coupon Class, Hagerstown, Chambersburg, Martinsburg, Greencastle

All has finally come into place and I want to gauge some time slots for the end of September to hold the class.

Can you please choose from the following what works best for you.(just comment with the letter beside the choice you would like)
A.Tuesday, September 29th From 6:30pm-8:30pm
B.Tuesday, September 29th From 7:00pm-9:00pm
C.Wednesday, September 23rd From 6:30pm-8:30pm
D.Wednesday, September 23rd From 7:00pm-9:00pm
This class will be 2 hours total in length  covering:
  • the foundations of couponing
  • how to use the top Smartphone Rebate apps, 
  • the top 3 couponing strategies
  • The must have rewards programs
  • Question and Answer session

The Class will be held at Blue Heron Events in Greencastle, Pa close to I-81 smile emoticon

The cost will be $10.00 per person and ADVANCE registration will be required due to the cost of the venue and take home materials for everyone.

I am also working on a pretty fun discount/freebie for all the attendees!

Please invite your friends and family! This knowledge of saving is very important for anyone no matter how small or larger the family! 

I can't wait to meet you!

Personal Finance Blogger

Jen Ward is the creator and author of personal finance blog The Nifty Thrifty Lady. She is mom to 2 wild boys and wife to Jeff. In 2012 Jen's family went from a dual income family to a single income family and added one more member when they welcomed their second son! Needless to say this left a large gap in the budget. Jen started finding everyday simple solutions to saving money and found her mission to share how to  live and fun, frugal and balanced life. The family of 4 spends on average $240.00 a month on healthy groceries, personal care, and household items thanks to a mixture of coupons, meal planning, and smart spending! Jen is currently a full-time mom, accounting student, volunteer, Speaker and creating Money Management Services by Jen Ward.