Spicy Philly Cheesesteak on a Budget {3 Ways}

Philly Cheese Steaks on a Budget

 I am not a very spontaneous person. I like plans and thrive on routines. I also love spicy, bread, and cheese steak!!

My food creations on the other hand. while I like them to be planned, always take a new and unusual twist from the norm.

I love cookbooks but never actually use the whole recipe when cooking...baking is a little different. One extra teaspoon of something and you have a whole batch of cookies down the drain.

So when I was at the grocery store last week I saw a HUGE shelf of bakery goods reduced and inspiration struck.

I love hitting up the reduce shelves when I can spare the extra in my budget because the breads and pastries freeze wonderfully!

This week they had hoagies reduced to $1.73 so I grabbed one package and said "I want a Philly Cheesesteak"!

That my friends is how I came up with this Family Friendly Recipe!
Ingredients to make a Spice Philly Cheesesteak


1- 14oz package of Shredded Beef $6.99

4 Hoagie Buns from discount bakery rack $1.75
1 Green Pepper $.75
¾ cup Pepper Jack Cheese $1.00
1 tlbs of Hot Sauce $.33
½ cup mayo Pantry item
1 tsp garlic powder Pantry item
1 tsp onion powder Pantry item
Salt and Pepper to taste Pantry item
**olive or cooking oil may be used depending on how dry the beef is**

The total spent is around $11.00 and this feeds a family of four well! Making the cost per person only $2.75!
Try to beat that price at Gene's or Pat's!

Homemade Meat Seasoning only 4 ingredients

I use this seasoning mixture on almost all my meat. It is simple and all very common pantry supplies.
Garlic and onion powder with salt and pepper to taste.

We are going to add this mixture to a skillet pre-heated to Med-High with the shredded beef.
Once the meat is coated with the mixture add the peppers.

Hacks to Feeding Picky Eaters the Same Dinner

Now you may notice that I divide my peppers and meat. That is because we have picky eaters. If we didn't you better believe I would mixing it all together.
I also had a little bit of read onion I tossed in so it didn't go to waste. SEE I can't even follow my own recipe (tisk tisk)

While this is sauteing turn you oven onto broil. Slice your hoagies diagonally and broil until tossed (2-3 Minutes)

How to Toast Bread in the Broiler

Once your mixture in the skillet is cooked turn off the heat and sprinkle the Pepper Jack cheese over the top. Let if melt.

Philly Cheesesteak in the Skillet

While this is happening take the hot sauce and add it into the Mayo. Divide the spicy mayo evenly among the four hoagies.
Recipe for Spicy Mayo

Divide the meat mixture among the four hoagies and ENJOY!

Recipe for Spicy Philly Cheesesteak

I know I promised this 3 ways!

The first option is for all the Mayo Haters out there and the third option is for those that like to lighten things up and go without the bread!

To view and print all of these recipes just click here.

I hope you enjoyed this months addition of Family Friendly Recipes, I know I sure loved eating it!

If you try this let me know over on Facebook or Instagram!


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