The Top 3 Things to do NOW so you can have a Debt-Free Holiday!

How to Plan a Debt Free Christmas
When September hits my calendar I know that I need to get out my Holiday Budget Tracker and start my list making for what I need to spend my hard earned money on.

I want to share three things that you can do today that will help you for the rest of the holiday season.

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  •  Make a list of all the food you will need to purchase during the major holidays. This includes trick or treat candy, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, baking supplies, and party foods(don’t forget a school party donation or two). Once you have this list compiled you will want to create a money limit this will be your food budget for the holidays. Keep this list with you when grocery shopping and checking the weekly sales flyers and coupon inserts. Begin to purchase the items that can be stored for later use. Buying ahead of time not only creates less stress but works in your budgets advantage. When you go into the store two days before Thanksgiving many of the items are going to be full price because you NEED them and the store know this. If you purchase your canned cranberry sauce at the end of October when it was half off you just saved yourself money.
  •  Get your holiday photos done now. I bet you're wondering why this would matter. If you normally send out Christmas cards or gifts with photos on them I highly suggest getting the photos done as early as possible because you will have a longer time frame to take advantage of free and discounted offers from online site like Shutterfly, snapfish, and tiny prints (or use code TINYPRINTS20 for 20% off). I normally order my Christmas cards in three rounds and always have photos for free magnet and photo book offers. These gifts are perfect “fillers” to go along side one nice gift as well!
  •  Ask for a list. In our family, I send my traditional September 1st email.. “It’s that time again what would you like for this Christmas?”. I am sure my family all look forward to it. Actually, my oldest son just has one list he is always adding to! Once you get the lists start researching prices and determining a price point you want to stay at with each person/gift. I always suggest adding items to amazon wish lists and checking the price often. This process will help you gauge how much to budget for presents if you do not already have a savings account or idea in mind.

These three tips will get you going in the right direction to have debt-free holidays!

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