Weekly Goals to Achieve PLUS Menu Plans

Goals, Menu PlansIt has been two weeks since I updated my weekly goals mostly because A LOT of unplanned things have happened and kept me from writing.

My idea to share my weekly goals and meal plans is to spark inspiration and encourage everyone to take few minutes each week to plan ahead.

I love the quote " A goal without a plan is just a wish" because without calculated steps to make your goals work, you will never achieve them.

When I  sit down for my planning time I always make sure to look at what I accomplished last week, how far this got me to the goal, and then plan what small step I can take to get even closer.

I also like to include my routines into my goals because honestly many of my routine things I would rather not do like wake up at 6am!!

3 Things We Did (the past 2) Weeks
On the first day of my husbands week off, to be specific the Friday after he got home to from work to start his week vacation, he started having some stomach pains that he had, had a couple other times this year. Thinking it was something simple he decided to go to the ER quick so when we left for vacation he could enjoy it. 6 hours later I sat in the OR waiting room as Jeff had an emergency Appendectomy!! It was so unexpected and the first time either of us had been in the hospital for a surgery. I suppose that was on of our last, firsts.  He did great after the surgery  and got to come home less than 24 hours out of the OR. We were  excited about that until we got home to a HORNETS nest in our kitchen. We grabbed our neighbor to help us kill them because I am highly allergic and Jeff didn't have enough range of motion to really help. Just as my neighbor walked in the door Jeff deiced to walk downstairs to make sure there were no little hornets hiding. When he did, one more or less dive-bombed him and he fell down the stairs. My heart when through my chest and I prayed hard that he had not reopened his wound. Fortunately he did not, but he did break his elbow. Please pray for continued healing we have an appointment this week with an orthopedic surgeon.

 We thankfully got cleared to go on our planned vacation but was prescribed lots of rest, no lifting, and no swimming (for Jeff of course). We had a great time even with the limited actives and broken elbow. My favorite part was seeing the Memorial ride on the boardwalk for 9/11!

 This trip was the first family vacation with all four of us and Colton's first time at the beach. We got the boys a kite from the Kite loft it was the best purchase we could have ever made!

 Our life did not go as planned the past two weeks but we made it work and just let go of some thing we would otherwise liked more control over.

Goals for Week of 9/13/15

  • Gym 3 times/ Move everyday!
  • Bed by 11pm
  • Make a list of priorities and time block
  • Daily bible reading
  • Church on Sunday
  • Replace outside light bulb
  • Soccer practice
  • Pick one area of marriage to improve
  • involve boys with chores more
  • Post 3 times week
  • Periscope Mon/Thursday
  • Set up coupon class
  • Mentor Call
  • Study Plan (two Weeks)


Green bean Soup with Grilled Ham and Cheese

Girls night In: Home Made French Fries
Peppers, Zucchini, and Sausage

Honey Shreicha wings

Crockpot Prok Chops



**** I did not link to the recipes because they are my own! I will be making some new family friendly recipes soon, 

What are your goals and menu plans for this week? Please share them in the comments below or hop on periscope 9/14 @ 8:45pm!


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