Why and How Essential Oils Work

Essential Oils for Beginners
Have you heard about essential oils?

If you haven’t, it is just a matter of time. Essential oils are popping up in hospitals, spas, health magazines and even pop culture. Chances are you know someone who swears by essential oils. With all this hubbub have you wondered about what essential oils are and what they do? Are they just a fad with no scientific basis or are they some sort of miracle cure?

Essential oils aren’t new. In fact, the medicinal power of plants, often in the form of essential oils, has been utilized for centuries in different cultures. Modern day essential oils have benefited from improved planting, harvesting, cultivating and distilling techniques, but the scientific basis for utilization of oils in wellness hasn’t changed.

I can't wait for you to hear all about the benefits of Essential Oils and why and how they work! For this post I went straight to my good friend and master of oils Maggie! I meet Maggie through a local mom's group and since we have partnered up on many projects! Here is a little background on Maggie:

Maggie Dubois is a mother of two with a third on the way in October. She began learning about natural health options when she was pregnant with her second child and experienced incredible health changes. Since this first experience she has committed herself to training and learning and now teaching on essential oils nearly full time for over two years and maintaining a wellness website part time. She travels along the east coast sharing on essential oil safety and usage and works to train others to do the same. 

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds from plants. Distilled from leaves, seeds, stems, roots and other parts of plants, essential oils contain the chemical makeup that the plant uses for it’s own wellness and health defenses. Depending on the plant the particular oil may have a whole host of wellness benefits when used aromatically, topically and even (in the case of some schools of aromatherapy and some high-quality oils) internally.

Why should we use essential oils? What makes them different than herbal teas or other medicinal methods?

  • Well, essential oils are extremely potent. A drop of therapeutic grade peppermint oil for example would be equivalent to about 28 cups of peppermint tea. It is hard to get anywhere near the level of potency from mere ingestion of the straight plant matter or in an herbal tea form.
  • Essential oils are also incredibly effective. Just type essential oil into the pubmed research search engine and you will be greeted with hundreds of studies explaining different essential oil benefits and the scientific basis behind their effectiveness.
  • Essential oils are also cheap. Even the most expensive of oils is still only cents per dose, and some of the oils are cheap enough that you can have a couple month supply for less than the cost of a fast food meal. While an up front package of essential oils may be an investment, many find the multiple household and wellness replacements they can make using oils to save money in the long term.
  • High-quality essential oils are very safe when used properly. The record stands by essential oils. Negative effects are very rare and when used properly most oils are very safe for even children and pets.
  • Using essential oils in replacement of household cleaners and hygiene supplies will lower the amount of toxin load your household will experience.
History of essential oils

 What exactly can oils do? Well, the list is endless but for just a sampling here are some of my favorite uses for oils:
Arborvite naturally repels insects. Clove promotes fresh breath and is a great partner to your dental health routine to clean the teeth and gums. Frankincense helps to support healthy cellular function. Eucalyptus is invigorating and helps to clear the mind. Lavender can help reduce anxious feelings and assist in seasonal respiratory discomfort. Lemon cleanses and purifies when used as a cleaning agent. And the list continues.
Essential oils grow in popularity daily, and it is clear they are not just a fad. Almost anyone would benefit from learning more about how to incorporate essential oils into your life

If you want to know which oils I use and recommend or if you would like a free wellness assessment with personalized oil recommendations please feel free to contact me or stop in at one of my local oil classes. 

You can find Maggie on Facebook or read more on wellness at her website!


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