3 Money Pits that STILL Tempt Me

3 Ways I still Waste MoneyWhat exactly are money pits? In my mind a money pit is a trap that wastes your money.

In this day and age there are a MILLION money pits.

2 years ago I wrote a post about 5 ways NOT to waste money. One of the things that may not have been clear in this post is that each mistake was one of my PERSONAL MONEY PITS.

Yes folks I may be The Nifty Thrifty Lady but I still have weaknesses and am the farthest from perfect as possible.

Today I wanted to revisit that post and share with you 3 Money Pits that STILL tempt me to this very day...seriously I almost gave into to temptation today at 3:00 pm!

My 3 Money Pits

Trying on or Returning Clothes

This is probably the smallest of the three money pits but I promise you that not trying on clothes to see if they fit or returning cloths that I know don't fit is a huge waste of money for me.

I figured out it was an issue when I went to my closet and half of it was adorable pieces that were "Goal Clothes". You know the clothes that you will one fit into one day. That was half my closet and half of those where "new" (thrifted or clearance) purchases.

Buying Coffee

Hi. I am Jen. I am a coffee addict.
I love LOVE coffee from local coffee shops and Dunkin Donuts. I also know that in a year one person can waste over $1000.00 on coffee.

The fact of the matter is the temptation is still there and some days all I need is the little devil on my shoulder to tell me "I am worth it" to drive and get a coffee.

Buying coffee each day Wastes over $1000.00 a year 
Social Media (envy)

I did not list this on my post 2 years ago, At that time it really was not an issue for me.

Today I would say that this is my BIGGEST money pit.

Everyday I get one 4 or 5 social media platforms for The Nifty Thrifty Lady.

Each day I see something around 1000 or more advertisements, emails, gorgeous photos, brags, and on and on and on.

I figured out that I had succumb to social media pressures when I  got my first Plum Paper Planner and joined a few online communities.

HOLY COW did this one little hobby eat up my monthly spending fund and I have to admit a little more.

Before joining the social media communities I was a pen/pencil gal and I was content with that. Then I saw beautifully decorated and functional planners! I had to have this.

I know this is the same for many. Maybe not with planners, but many clothes, outdoor things, home decor. We feel the need to measure up with everyone else instead of being content and making due with what we have, right now.

In our parents day they only had their neighbors to measure up to. Today I can see a beautiful home 6.000 miles away not even have to blink.

Social media is a huge money pit and the best of us can fall victim.

Social Media Envy

Why I choose to Share

I think it is very important to be authentic and transparent when you are given a platform and are in a position to possibly influence someone.

I can not in good conscious come here everyday and tell you how to save money and take control of your finances without sharing with you my faults and mistakes. After all many people believe that mistakes are how we learn.

I wanted you to know that I fall just like you do and I give in to temptations just like you do.

I also found that by identifying my money pits I have been able to control them better and find solutions to the traps. Some times the solution is pure will power and just saying no. Other times I stash a little extra money so I can treat myself reasonably.

What money pits are you dealing with? How do you try and create a solution?


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