Creating a Family Staples List

How to Create and Use a Family Staples List

Are you ready for a little meal planning talk or help? Let me be of service! I want to talk about some solutions that can help meal planning go quick and easy. Doesn't that sound like fun! I believe there are 1 of 2 foundations that every family should have in place when meal planning
  • Family Staples List
  • Inventory Systems
Today we will cover the Family staples list.

What is a Family Staples list?
A family staples list is your family's answer to three questions:
  1. What are your favorite meals?
  2. What are your favorite ingredients?
  3. What are you dislikes?
Answering these three questions will lead you to making meals that get ate and not wasted!

I am so excited to show you how my family fills out are family staples list. My oldest is helping me out today so you don't want to miss that!

Here is your very own FREE family staples list to print!

Please let me know what your favorite meals and dislikes are below.


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