30 Days to Seeking Thanks in Everything

30 Day of Seeking to Give Thanks in Everything
 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Hi Friends! I have been very humbled and blessed lately by the community that has been building around The Nifty Thrifty Lady. I will not take credit for this at all, I barely even facilitate it! I have been praying for a small, loyal, and encouraging group of frugal ladies and I feel like God is working on this.


Inventory Systems: FREE PRINTABLES

Free Printable Inventory Sheets
I have a great free printable for you today..food inventory systems! I know that probably sounds a tab bit boring, but I promise the method I use and the printables will help make meal planning a breeze!

Why Keep a Food Inventory?

When I worked in the food industry (yes, this is a whole other post) I was responsible for food inventory daily because in a restaurant setting it is very hard to predict the usage of food from one day to the next. This experience made me dislike taking inventory of anything and vowed NEVER to do anything as mundane again.

 Well never say never! 

About 6 months into living in a full size house with food storage areas in several different spots and having a family of 4 I broke out my pen and paper and started taking inventory. I quickly saw the benefits of not having to run up and down the stairs to see if I had a pound of meat or rummage through my pantry to see if I had a can of beans. When I went to make my meal plans for the month all I had to do was update my inventory sheet and BAM! I could sit in one spot and be done in under 30 minutes!

To sum it up
  • You save time- by knowing what you have and how much
  • You save money- by not buying doubles or triples and using what you have on hand first!
How do you use the Inventory System?

I have had many systems in place over the years. Each one had their pro's and con's to be honest. But I have settled on a simple monthly excel spreadsheet and love it. This requires me to inventory once a month.

Along the top runs the months and then down the sides runs your categories, I left the subcategory blanks since we all have different eating habits.  I take inventory a day or two before I meal plan so it is fairly accurate. 
  • I do not inventory as I go- I used to do this and it became a big hassle! When someone would use something (cough...cough.. My husband) they would not write it down. This caused more of a problem then help. 
  • I do not inventory my fridge- This may go against the grain..but that is something I am known for! I have tried inventorying my fridge. I have found that this is very repetitive because our fridge stores the very same thing and the shelf life is so short!
Tips to using the Inventory Sheets
  • Keep the sheets visible- I have the sheets on my freezer and in my pantry. I have heard other keep them in their meal planning binder or planner.
  • Set one day a month to take inventory. I like to dub the 29th inventory day.
  • Write a reminder.
  • The more organized your freezer and pantry are the more inclined you'll be to take inventory.
It is time to get yours and start taking inventory!!

If you are try it and love it let me know you can use #theniftythriftylady on all forms of social media or Tag The Nifty Thrifty lady in your photos!

I hope you find this a useful as I do. 

Don't forget your Family Staples List!

Free Printable Freezer ad Pantry inventory sheets


Weekly Goals to Achieve + Dinner Meal Plans

Goal Setting
"We are pressed on everyside by troubles, but we are not crushed.
We are perplexed,but not driven to despair."
2 Corinthians 4:8

I have chosen this as my new memory verse to memorize! I was browsing around Proverbs 31 Ministries and saw this verse. As soon as I read it I was like, YESSS!

So many of us are going through hard times, maybe financially, maybe not. Honestly money is the least of my troubles lately. Time and using it efficiently, making it through a very chaotic season in life, and I am still grieving over the loss of my grams.  In one day I feel like I could easily burnout and be crushed but I am not. This verse speaks directly to me right where I am at.

Last week I made some pretty bold statements about how I can do anything, but not everything. This made me prioritize my day more intentionally to help reach my end goals.

How did your week go?

Funny enough not even 24 hours into my new way of goal setting my youngest had a situation...a situation that caused him to get 8 staples in his noggin. Needless to say this put a small stop to much of anything  goal wise for a while. He was a  trooper in about 24 hours he was back at his "Superhero flying" ways!
4 Things we did Last Week

 One of things I have been debating on doing is "homeschooling" our youngest. He just turned 3 and could use a little more structure in his life. It just so happens that I have an Associated Degree in Early Childhood Education therefore, homeschooling the little man is not too far fetched! We started this week with his Favorite Color. I thought that would get him excited to learn and take time to focus on one thing for longer than 5 minute. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about how we are starting our "homeschooling" journey. I put homeschooling in quotes because he will go to public school I am just homeschooling him for preschool.

Saturday was dubbed "Soccer Field Day". It started at 10 am with Goalie Training for 1.5 hours. Then we headed to our regular scheduled game where my oldest implemented a lot of his goalie training! Then we ran home, had some soup, and went back to the fields for youth night and another game. It was a fun but long day.

 We wrapped the week up on Sunday with a trip to our yearly tradition.  a visit to our favorite pumpkin patch! More to come on this Wednesday.

For all of those that have prayed with me for this little guy's head thank you so much! We go on Thursday to get the staples removed. I am still a little leery of this. 

Weekly Goals


  1. Pray without ceasing
  3. Meditation before Media- I did good at this for the first half of the week!
  4. Stick to 30 minute time blocks- This needs a lot of work!
  5. Finish other half of fall cleaning- Making my way but I choose to love on my youngest instead of working about the cleaning. 
This Weeks Goals 10/26/2015

  1. Pray without ceasing
  2. Choose Joy
  3. Meditation before Media -Before I get on social media practice my new memory verse
  4. Use a timer for 30 minute blocks
  5. Study on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Test Friday!

Dinner Meal Plans

Crockpot French Onion Pork chops with potato, carrots, and celery


Sausage and Lentil Stew


Macaroni Casserole

What are your goals for the week? I would love to have you share so as a community we can encourage and motivate each other to achieve them! 



LOCALS: Hoffman's Quality Meat Fall Sale

Fall Sale for Hoffman Meat hagerstown, Md
 GUYS if you like meat RUN to HOFFMAN'S Meat Market and STOCK UP! This is how I afford higher quality local meats and stay within our 240ish a month grocery budget!
These are the deals that I get each time the sale comes around.

You can get this packaged anyway you like which is awesome.

This sale ends 10/24/2015. You can call in your order and pick up in less than 10 minutes!

If you bought the limit on each of these selected deals you would spend under $70.00 and you get 35lbs of meat! That is $1.85 per pound. AMAZING DEAL!!

Let me know if you get this deal!



3 Money Pits that STILL Tempt Me

3 Ways I still Waste MoneyWhat exactly are money pits? In my mind a money pit is a trap that wastes your money.

In this day and age there are a MILLION money pits.

2 years ago I wrote a post about 5 ways NOT to waste money. One of the things that may not have been clear in this post is that each mistake was one of my PERSONAL MONEY PITS.

Yes folks I may be The Nifty Thrifty Lady but I still have weaknesses and am the farthest from perfect as possible.

Today I wanted to revisit that post and share with you 3 Money Pits that STILL tempt me to this very day...seriously I almost gave into to temptation today at 3:00 pm!


Weekly Goals to Achieve + Dinner Meal Plans

Weekly goal setting
You can do Anything, but not Everything.

This is where I am at currently with my weekly goals. I know that we can all achieve our biggest dreams if we plan to do so. But to do this we have to keep setting small goals that have our big dreams as the ending point.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there are many daily distractions(...social media, needless clutter, inefficient systems, comparison, self doubt) that takes away from our big dreams.

I am really trying to focus in on the things that will make me reach my goals and leave "Everything" else alone.

Do you ever feel like this? What do you do to get back on track?

This week we celebrated and cleaned for Colton's Birthday.

Let's get into the nitty gritty of this post shall we.


Weekly Goals to Achieve PLUS Meal Plans!

Weekly Dinner Menu Plans
We are halfway into October this week! I simply can. not. believe. that. I feel like I was just writing about celebrating my birthday in March.

As the year ends I am trying to push for the goals I set for the year but I also really like to take the time and enjoy all of the memories that our family makes.

 Today, since I am admittedly posting this a day late, is my grams birthday. If you are a new member of this community it may be helpful to read all about my grams and her influence on me to completely understand this next part. 

I thought the week she passed would be the hardest to get through but it seems that not having her here to celebrate is turning out to be very rough.  I am not sure how today will turn out but I am going to try to remember God's plans and how much she taught me about life. If you don't see me around much that would also explain my absence.


Weekly Goals to Achieve Plus Meal Plans

Today marks the first Monday of a new month. I am not finding that a refreshing as I  did earlier in the year. For those of us that are goal setters this is "crunch time". Even when I don't have a lot going on I always seem to feel that unconscious reminder to keep moving, pushing, and accomplishing new things.

If that is only me please do your sister a favor and leave a comment telling me I am insane! Seriously, it would be reassuring to hear how people that don't set goals handle life. I feel like I would be a big ball of nerves not having anything to work towards but in a odd way I wonder if they are better at being spontaneous and trying new things. Just thoughts I think guys!

Let jump into this post now for real!


Creating a Family Staples List

How to Create and Use a Family Staples List

Are you ready for a little meal planning talk or help? Let me be of service! I want to talk about some solutions that can help meal planning go quick and easy. Doesn't that sound like fun! I believe there are 1 of 2 foundations that every family should have in place when meal planning
  • Family Staples List
  • Inventory Systems
Today we will cover the Family staples list.