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Free Printable Inventory Sheets
I have a great free printable for you today..food inventory systems! I know that probably sounds a tab bit boring, but I promise the method I use and the printables will help make meal planning a breeze!

Why Keep a Food Inventory?

When I worked in the food industry (yes, this is a whole other post) I was responsible for food inventory daily because in a restaurant setting it is very hard to predict the usage of food from one day to the next. This experience made me dislike taking inventory of anything and vowed NEVER to do anything as mundane again.

 Well never say never! 

About 6 months into living in a full size house with food storage areas in several different spots and having a family of 4 I broke out my pen and paper and started taking inventory. I quickly saw the benefits of not having to run up and down the stairs to see if I had a pound of meat or rummage through my pantry to see if I had a can of beans. When I went to make my meal plans for the month all I had to do was update my inventory sheet and BAM! I could sit in one spot and be done in under 30 minutes!

To sum it up
  • You save time- by knowing what you have and how much
  • You save money- by not buying doubles or triples and using what you have on hand first!
How do you use the Inventory System?

I have had many systems in place over the years. Each one had their pro's and con's to be honest. But I have settled on a simple monthly excel spreadsheet and love it. This requires me to inventory once a month.

Along the top runs the months and then down the sides runs your categories, I left the subcategory blanks since we all have different eating habits.  I take inventory a day or two before I meal plan so it is fairly accurate. 
  • I do not inventory as I go- I used to do this and it became a big hassle! When someone would use something (cough...cough.. My husband) they would not write it down. This caused more of a problem then help. 
  • I do not inventory my fridge- This may go against the grain..but that is something I am known for! I have tried inventorying my fridge. I have found that this is very repetitive because our fridge stores the very same thing and the shelf life is so short!
Tips to using the Inventory Sheets
  • Keep the sheets visible- I have the sheets on my freezer and in my pantry. I have heard other keep them in their meal planning binder or planner.
  • Set one day a month to take inventory. I like to dub the 29th inventory day.
  • Write a reminder.
  • The more organized your freezer and pantry are the more inclined you'll be to take inventory.
It is time to get yours and start taking inventory!!

If you are try it and love it let me know you can use #theniftythriftylady on all forms of social media or Tag The Nifty Thrifty lady in your photos!

I hope you find this a useful as I do. 

Don't forget your Family Staples List!

Free Printable Freezer ad Pantry inventory sheets

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