Weekly Goals to Achieve Plus Meal Plans

Today marks the first Monday of a new month. I am not finding that a refreshing as I  did earlier in the year. For those of us that are goal setters this is "crunch time". Even when I don't have a lot going on I always seem to feel that unconscious reminder to keep moving, pushing, and accomplishing new things.

If that is only me please do your sister a favor and leave a comment telling me I am insane! Seriously, it would be reassuring to hear how people that don't set goals handle life. I feel like I would be a big ball of nerves not having anything to work towards but in a odd way I wonder if they are better at being spontaneous and trying new things. Just thoughts I think guys!

Let jump into this post now for real!

3 Things I did Last Week

  1. I bought myself new shoes. This may not seem worthy of a "thing I did last week" but it was really exciting for me because my last pair of Sneakers were from Payless on Clearance for $12.00 over 2 years ago. I have now been a gym goer for almost a year and have worn those ol' faithfuls OUT! I was so happy to have found a great pair of Asics on sale at Dick's Sporting goods cheaper than on Amazon. WIN!! I am hoping this will help with some of the joint pain I have been experiencing after workouts. 
  2. I finally decorated for fall, harvest, Halloween...whichever you like to call it. I normally like to get to this the week of Fall because it is may favorite season and really the longest season you can stay decorated for. My attempts failed so I finally took the time one evening last week and am so happy to have it up.
  3. I saved the best for last....I saw Lysa Terkeurst Speak!!! I went to a local church Women's Conference this weekend and the keynote speaker was Lysa. I was so happy that she was just as down to earth as I was hoping and her message was just as encouraging as I needed. 


My goals this week are a little different than how I typically goal set. They are goals I feel have been laid on my heart and will help me accomplish ALL the other goals I want to accomplish.

1. Rejoice Always
2. Pray without ceasing
3. In everything give thanks

How am I planing to implement this your ask and how are they even goals that will help me create habits, book speaking engagements, or clean my house?

First I am making it my goal to pray about almost everything I do. When I pray it is not going to be a Dear Jesus, give me strength....I am going to try my hardest to listen as well as pray.
Second, I have started my gratitude journal again and I am going to write every little thing that I am thankful for each night. Finally, I am going to simply choose JOY. I struggle the most with finding Joy in all things and even having a Joyful spirit. 

By doing these things I know God will bless my house, my dreams, and the day to day things that I need to accomplish as a wife, mom, and student. 

My only other goals for this week is to have my mentor call, teach a coupon class for a great group of ladies, and get an oil change.

Menu Plans


Chicken Parmesan


Sausage Gravy with Biscuits

Appetizer Paint Party

What are you goals this week? Is there anything you are doing to help you accomplish them? Let me know below!


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