Weekly Goals to Achieve PLUS Meal Plans!

Weekly Dinner Menu Plans
We are halfway into October this week! I simply can. not. believe. that. I feel like I was just writing about celebrating my birthday in March.

As the year ends I am trying to push for the goals I set for the year but I also really like to take the time and enjoy all of the memories that our family makes.

 Today, since I am admittedly posting this a day late, is my grams birthday. If you are a new member of this community it may be helpful to read all about my grams and her influence on me to completely understand this next part. 

I thought the week she passed would be the hardest to get through but it seems that not having her here to celebrate is turning out to be very rough.  I am not sure how today will turn out but I am going to try to remember God's plans and how much she taught me about life. If you don't see me around much that would also explain my absence.

3 Things We Did Last Week

Last week I welcomed coupons back into my life! If you caught my periscopes lately you know that couponing has not been a big priority because I have been so busy. Since I have a nice family stockpile it has not been a huge deal to miss the sales and deals.  Until, I went to my donation pile in the basement and it was practically empty. I had to remedy this because I always donate to local organizations in the winter and Christmas time. Martin's had a great deal on body wash and toilet paper so I got out my binder, clipped my coupons, and got all of this for under $5.00!  Now that I felt that rush...I am ready to get back to couponing.
Leitersburg Cinemas
 (if there ever was a terrible lghted picture this would be it)
We can now go to the movies as family of 4!  Colton will be 3 this week (lots of birthdays) and we normally celebrate 3 with the first trip to the movies! We saw Hotel Transylvania 2 at our local Theater with recliners! So much fun and he was so good!

Finally, I had the privilege to teach a great coupon class to a Group of Mom's of Multiples! This class was outside of my home town so I did some fun research on other stores coupon policies and made an awesome coupon policy guide....COMING SOON!

Last weeks Goals
1. Rejoice Always
2. Pray without ceasing
3. In everything give thanks

I can say this week I accomplished all 3 these goals!

Weekly Goals for 10/12/15

  1. Rejoice Always
  2. Pray without Ceasing
  3. In Everything give Thanks
  4. Wake up at 6am and do First 5
  5. Complete cleaning list for Bedrooms
  6. Study and take Pre-assesment for CGC1
I am still concentrating heavily on my spiritual goals, if that were not obvious. I am adding back in things that I want to make a habit like waking up and reading scriptures before I do anything else. I also need to focus a little more time this month on studies so in December I can pull back  a little bit. Finally, I am fall cleaning my house which is normally takes the whole month of October because I can't spend whole days on the process. 

What are your goals for this week? Share them below so we can help keep each other accountable.

Weekly Dinner Menu

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Honey Mustard Chicken Legs With Carrots and Potatoes

Hamburgers with Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Baked Spaghetti

Head over to facebook and share your dinner menu too!

Let's make this week great and thrifty!


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