30 Days of Seeking to Give Thanks in Everything Day 4

30 Days of Seeking to Give Thanks in EverythingDay Four

Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything- Ephesians 5:20

Did you thank someone yesterday that has had a role in encouraging your spiritual growth?

 It is amazing the power we have in the two simple words of “Thank You”.  We can transform someone’s not so good day into a great day, we can reaffirm someone’s talent or business who may be doubting it or we can hurt someone’s feeling by taking their kind gestures for granted.

This challenge has already been a good reminder to me to say thank you more often even when it may seem like it is given.

Today I want to have “Free thankful day”. I want us to wake up and throughout the day look for things we are thankful for.

No I have not ran out of topics but I think if we are honoring God and remembering to be thankful we should be able to see a small change in our mindset.

I have notice that I am more gracious with my kind words and the little things I normally feel discouraged over are not as big as they once were.

What are you noticing?
You’re Day
List everything that you are thankful for in your day

Be fully aware of the little and big things in your life today. Say thank you to those that do something for you and remember to thank God for the list you compile!

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Thankfulness Challenge Day 4 FREE DAY

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