30 Days of Seeking to Give Thank in Everything - Day 5

Day Five
Be Thankful for your trials. If you’re being tested, you’re being perfected. Which means you have a divine purpose and reason to rejoice.

Yesterday was a fun day of looking for things to be thankful for. I surly had my ups and downs even though my spirits

were happy.

I think that was my take away from yesterday.

Think will not go your way every day. They just won’t no matter how thankful or happy you are.
We have trials and tribulations are we can be refined, humbled, and hopefully so we can learn from them.

When I started my day out with the thought I am going to look for the things already happening in my life to be thankful for, I noticed I take so many of the little things for granted.

  • I am thankful I have and can afford the internet to write this email to you.
  • I am thankful for how independent my children are, even though that independent spirit causes lots of parenting battles.
  • I am thankful for bottled water and I am thankful I get to stay home currently with my children.

Most days I openly admit I concentrate too much on the trails and not the outcome of them.
Today, I want us to think back to past trials and think about what God was trying to tell us from them, how were we different afterward?

This is not going to be easy, no one likes to think about their hard past. However, if we never reflect on what we learned then we will never know what we are thankful for as a result.

Write 1-3 things you are thankful for as a result of going through a trial

Along with the memories of the hard times. Grab a photo album and remember some of the good times as well!

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