30 Days of Seeking to Give Thanks in Everything - Day 2

Day Two

Gratitude: Helps us see what is there instead of what isn’t

How was day one? I promise I won’t ask this every day! I am just curious if your memory helped you see your day in a different light. Mine did.

One of the memories I am thankful for having is a summer day during band camp. It was my sophomore year, I played the clarinet and our group was having sectional in a random hallway. During the summer is was very odd to see other students in the building so when I saw my middle school art teacher it didn’t really strike me as odd. What did was the tall student that was walking behind her. I remember all us girls wondering if it was her son or if she would be a new teacher.
  • 3 years later I ran into that same tall student a again, at a job that I did not want as a teenager.
  • 13 years later that tall student is the father to my 2 boys and a man I proud to call my husband.

That memory is one I don’t often think of. It took this challenge to stir it up again. What kept burning in my brain all day was this little voice asking “Do you think this wasn’t a plan?”

Our marriage is not perfect and we have been facing some pretty consistent lows over the past year. I admit some days I doubt rather I made the right decisions and wonder how God can let our marriage spiral like it has at points.

When I remembered this memory I was like a big hug and God saying “Jen, I know exactly what I am doing!.”

Today I want to look at ourselves.
List 1-3 things that you are thankful for about yourself.
Highlight that characteristic in your day. Maybe you are thankful you are a good listener, call a friend and ask them how they are and just listen. Maybe you are thankful you are good at your job, go to work and put in a little extra effort!

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