Weekly Meal Prep

How and when to Meal prep weeklyToday I am taking you along "Vlog" style as I complete my  Weekly Monday Meal Prep.

Meal prep is a very important step that allows me to be more intentional making meals at home instead of dialing the phone for pizza delivery. MAKE THE TIME TO MEAL PLAN
Each Monday I set aside around 30 minutes to prep food and drinks for the rest of the week. In all honesty which day you meal prep or how many times a week you prep does not matter. The important part is you are following through and preforming the action.

I use the same outline, if you will, to structure my prep.

  • 1 homemade after school snack
  • 1 lunch that will be used for multiple days 
  • Refill water pitcher
  • Make tea
  • Cut fruit and veggies for the week
  • Cook rice 
  • Assemble any marinating bags I would like to cook
  • Prep salads
You will see in this weeks video I do not do all of these items each week. It depends heavily on how much time I have in the evenings and what I have on the menu. I suggest testing out meal prep a couple weeks in a row to see what works for you and your family.

Without further ado here is the 2nd of 5 food videos for this week!

What and when do you meal prep?

Stay tuned for 3 more Videos this week...Tomorrow will be the perfect recipe for a winter soup!


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