Happy 2016!

Good Bye 2015 I hope it found all of you well!

Hello 2016, I am ready to take you on!

2016 is going to be a year of transition for me but I am excited to take it on with a "NO EXCUSE" mentality!

Who is with me?

We will be enjoying meatloaf, mashed potatoes (maybe sweet this year), and salad for New Years Day dinner as this is our tradition I started the first new years day my husband and I were together.
For NYE we have dinner at my parents and normally get home just in time to see the ball drop and hit the hay.

I will be back on January 2nd with the Introduction to #TNTLFreshstart challenge...but let me just say you should be ready to get your house in order, make a few dollars all while setting some great 2016 financial goals!

Happy 2016 everyone!!

XX- Jen

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