Introducing Fresh Start 2016

Did you know that January is National "Get Organized Month"? Well let me be fully honest, I am not sure that is really a thing, Google says it is but I have my doubts.
Rather, January really is national get organized month or not,  January is the perfect time to make a Fresh Start.

I read a really interesting article in Good Housekeeping about 7 Benefits to Being Organized. You can see the full article here but I wanted to share the top 4 reasons that resonated with me:

  • Less Financial Stress
  • Minimize Personal Conflicts
  • More "Me" Time
  • Better Eating Habits

I think that each of the reasons the article mentioned are important but, the 4 I can connect with are each areas in my like I set goals for each year. If being more organized can help me improve in these areas, then I am going to tackle it with my 2016 focus of "No Excuses"
Of course I want to include you all in on this journey. What fun would it be to do it alone? Plus, accountability is key for tasks like this.

So are you ready to hear about #TNTLFRESHSTART?

I am ready to tell you!

I think the simplest way to become organized is to have less "Stuff". This makes it easier for everything to have a home and for everyone in your family to replace the items back in that home.
Having less clutter also means that it takes less time to actually create homes and  rooms appear bigger and open. There are really not many downsides to having less in your home.

For the Fresh Start challenge that is exactly what we are going to focus on. Decluttering. But maybe not the way you are used too. We are going to declutter and focus on MAKING MONEY from the clutter so we can also meet some of our financial goals this year!

The Challenge is going to run on a weekly basis. I will be posting the new weekly challenge each Sunday and a recap of how my challenge will go up on Saturdays on Youtube. I am also going to Periscope my results each day that I can Monday-Friday. I would love for you to join me using the Hashtag #TNTLFRESHSTART.

To start the challenge get a notebook and create a couple pages dedicated to this challenge:

Set a Financial Goal
You will need to set a financial goal of how much you would like to make selling your clutter. This will motivate you to complete the challenge!
Set Donation Days
Set a day each week you will drop off donations or schedule for a pick up. You also need to let the items you have for sale go at the end of the challenge so make sure to set up one last date in February.
Set Up a Tracker for Items you have for sale and Track Money Made
Set up a simple chart to track what items you have for sale, where it is posted, pick up or ship date, and how much money you will receive.

Finally, you will need to make sure you have trash bags on hand for trash and items not able to be donated or sold. You will need to have donate bags or bins ready to go so you can get them gone each week and you have a bin to store the items for sale until the end of the challenge. Again you need to let the items go at the end of the challenge if they do not sale!

I have created a 4 week calendar that is printable if you would like to post this is high visible area! I will leave you with this.

Successful organizing is based on the recognition that people get organized because they, too, have a vision.-Paul Wellstone

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