My 7 Goals for 2016 and my One Word for the Year

2016 Goal Planning

My goals  for 2016 are evolving just like my life is evolving. This year I intentionally set goals that would challenge me but were very attainable. If you have been around this part of the inter-webs you know that I am goal setter and planner. So setting S.M.A.R.T. goals yearly is no surprise to you.

I also set smaller weekly goals to help me reach my ultimate goals for the year. I find these bite size goals makes the bigger goal not so scary.

This year I am also focusing on "One Word" for my year. In my case I had to be rebellious and set two words that are a call to action. I thought a call to action would be better for 2016 since this year comes after a year of refining.

  • Cultivate already built relationships deeper- in 2015 I meet some amazing people. These people came into my life at a moment that I was vulnerable and I needed them the most. I wanted to focus on building these relationships deeper. This goal also covers my husbands and kids.
  • Be Present- Have you noticed this being a trend? Last year was one of the worst years for me to be in a room but not to actually be there. Thank you social media and lack of will power! This year I am building what I call "Office Hours" which means I will not be responding as quickly to comments, emails, messages ect. I still will be doing my best to answer within 24 hours but I will not be instantaneously responding.
  • Pray without ceasing and LISTEN for God- Last year I was introduced to Listening Prayer. It was a powerful experience for me in my journey. I have since found myself praying more and looking, listening, or waiting for Gods word. I need to develop this so much further, I need to learn to pray in the small things as well as the big.
  • Graduate in July 2016!!- There is not much to say about this. I want to be done with school so I can focus on earning an income. I am not sure what this will look like in 2017 but I know I am ready. 
  • Grow, Leverage, and Monetize The Nifty Thrifty to earn a Part-Time Income by July- This goal is new for me this year. I have decided that my passion is family finance and I spend a good portion of my time each day here writing, creating, and helping other through my webiste. There are simple ways for me to earn a small income from doing just this and I will not be compromising my writing style or your trust in me. I am happy to be able to contribute to my family and still feel authentic. 

Water Color Goals display

  • Implement health and wellness knowledge to take care of myself- Bottom line, if I am empty physically, emotionally, and spiritually I have nothing to give to my family, friends, or business. I want to be a giver, helper, whatever you would call a person who chooses to lift others up with nothing in return. The truth is I have to fuel myself in small ways so I don't burn out. This is not a selfish goal (that is more a reminder for me).
  • Create No New Debt: Last year we added some debt on our table due to some unexpected events. This Debt will be paid off in February but my goal for 2016 is to create NO NEW DEBT! With the part-time income I hope to be making by July I also plan to pay off 1 additional debt this year!

 To accomplish these years goal I have decided that this year will be the year of "NO EXCUSES". I am calling myself to action to be a good example for family, for you and for the world. 

Please let me know what your goals are for 2016! If you have never set goals you can see my process on setting goals in this video and you can see how I maintain my goals in this video. 

Here is to year of action and accomplishments!


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