#TNTLFRESHSTART Challenge Week 2

Week 2 of the #TNTLFRESHSTART challenge

Are you ready for a Fresh Start in 2016? I know that many of us are and there are many of us that this may seem overwhelming to. If you fall in the latter category I would still encourage you to take on this challenge, because, I promise you it will not be overbearing and at the end you may be pleasantly surprised at you now feel ready to take on bigger and better tasks!

So lets talk about what you need to do for week one!
The Objective of the Fresh Start Challenge: is to declutter your home to achieve a small financial goal and in the process create working systems that make your home more efficient. Week Two's Tasks:

  1. Make Week Two's Donation Trip
  2. Record and Track Money Made towards your Goal

If you have not already done so make sure you print out the Daily #TNTLFRESHSTART calendar that will tell you the designated areas of your home to declutter on each designated day and will help keep you on track with the others joining this challenge.

This weeks areas are as follows:
Monday: Living Room
Tuesday: Dining Room
Wednesday: Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
Thursday:Pantry and Refrigerator
Friday: Playroom
Saturday and Sunday: Catch up and Rest days

Here are some posts from the participants so far:

#TNTLFRESH START challenge readers goals

" I need to declutter all unused outdated items as well in bedrooms 3. I would love to be able to pay this months car payment of $289"

"My financial goal is enough so I can order $10,000 this month or around $5700!"

We have financial goals of all sizes and people with different levels of decluttering needs!

There was a great conversation going on this week about how long everyone is taking to do the challenge daily. This a great question. The answer really depends on you. I am personally taking around 30 minutes a day. Some of the areas take a lot less time for me because there is not much in the room. 

I am also personally focusing on areas in my home that are HOTSPOTS. I tend to have places that accumulate the things I don't need or never put away. 

This week I will be doing my best to Periscope more since my voice has returned!

Remember to use #TNTLFRESHSTART when sharing your pictures on social media. I want to see how you all are doing!


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