#Eatinfeb Week 2 Challenge!

Eat in Challenge

It is week two of the #eatinfeb Challenge and you know that means? CRAZY STUFF is going to be happening to your meal time.

You are going to be planning meals, whipping up lunches, grabbing breakfast to go from HOME and pushing the timer button on the coffee maker BEFORE you go to bed!

Last weeks challenge was to replace one meal you would normally eat out with a meal at home, Complete your freezer and pantry inventory list, and NO stopping for snack stops!

So how did you do?

We had dinner in every single day this past week. You can check out what we had in my What's for dinner video.

I updated my inventory lists....I need to stock up on a few things surprisingly! Thank goodness there was a Money Maker Deal on Olives at Martins this week because we were out.

Have you printed your FREE inventory sheets for #Eatinfeb yet?Make sure you do so you can complete challenge one.Print now:http://goo.gl/u6UWue
Posted by The Nifty Thrifty Lady on Thursday, February 4, 2016

I will confess to getting an iced coffee for $0.99 but it was with my Gift Card so that was allowed.

All in all it was a great start to the Eat in Challenge.

This week will be very similar to last. If you didn't print off the Calendar you can do so here. This helps you prepare for the WHOLE month.

  • The Challenge: Create a family staples list - Find it here
  • Weigh in Wednesday : Share your completed inventory lists with #eatinfeb you can do this on any social media platform or by email! 
  • Blog Posts : The weeks new challenge will be posted on Sunday so you can prepare for the week ahead. I will be posting a fun "What We had for dinner Video on Youtube to help inspire you all to eat in!
  • Rules : This week you are allowed to eat out on Valentines day AND one other day. NO SNACK STOPS, Including Coffee! Complete your family staples list and Create a rough outline for all your meals on Sunday for the rest of the week
Make sure you are following me on Periscope because I will be on Tuesday night at 9:30pm talking about the challenge!

Let's do this!


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