Goal Achieving: Week 5

All of 2016 I will we sharing my weekly goals to achieve. Please let me know what your goals are each week as well! If you have never set goals you can see my process on setting goals in this video and you can see how I maintain my goals in this video. 

Each week will be basically be a small step to achieve the larger goal. I want to be focused with NO Excuses this year so I will be trying my hardest to STICK to them and achieve my goals this year.

Starting in Week 3 I will also be sharing how I actually did. I will be real, transparent and honest about this. What is the use of lying anyway?

So lets go!
WEEK 5: Goals to Achieve 

  • Hug everyone each day- I know this seems silly to say but sometimes life keeps you busy. One of the things I do in February, since it is the month of love, is give hugs! They are free and proven to improve your mood!
  • Get back into the after school routine 

  • Go to church
  • Read the 3rd and 4th chapter in I am a Church Member
  • Pray daily
  • Read First 5 App each morning
  •  Study 1 Hour 6 days a week

  • Post Consistently
  • #eatinfeb content
  • Start brochure
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast each morning before 9am
  • Gym 3 Times
  • Home workout 2 time
  • Eat a Healthy Lunch each afternoon before 1pm
  • Prepare taxes and create a tax refund plan

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