Goal Achieving: Week 7

All of 2016 I will we sharing my weekly goals to achieve. Please let me know what your goals are each week as well! If you have never set goals you can see my process on setting goals in this video and you can see how I maintain my goals in this video. 

Each week will be basically be a small step to achieve the larger goal. I want to be focused with NO Excuses this year so I will be trying my hardest to STICK to them and achieve my goals this year.

Starting in Week 3 I will also be sharing how I actually did. I will be real, transparent and honest about this. What is the use of lying anyway?

So lets go!
Jamberry Wraps Frugal Fashion
My the hubs went out on a date night so I tossed on some Heart Jam's and we had dinner and a movie!
  • Hug Everyone each day
  • Date night for anniversary/Valentines Day
  • Go to Church-We didn't make it
  • Women's Group-  I started an online bible study focused on LOVE after seeing Furious Love. God is working in me something big!
  • Read 5th and 6th Chapter of I am a Church member
  • Read Frist 5 App Each Morning
  • Pray Daily
Hagerstown magazine
I saw this issue of The Hagerstown Magazine and HAD to grab it. I even got to read it!
  • Post Consistently
  • Start Brochure-  I maybe procrastinating on this
  • #eatinfeb Content-Who is following along with this challenge??
  • Create Socail Media Goals
Red Velvet Waffles
We celebrated V-day as a family with our traditional Red Velvet Waffles...They are from a box cake mix but they look pretty!
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast each morning Before 9am
  • Eat a Healthy Lunch each day by 1pm
  • Gym 3 Times
  • Home Workout 2 times
  • Create refund plan...Our return was slightly higher than expected. 
On our date night we headed to Panera Bread and found out they are offering a complimentary Bagel the entire month of February! Score for free dessert!

If you have one of these babies the ENTIRE month of February you can get a complimentary bagel!**this does not include cream cheese ;-)**
Posted by The Nifty Thrifty Lady on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last week felt like a long week for some reason. It was jammed packed with great things and still got a lot done so I feel good about that.

Goal for week of 2/15/2016

  • Hug Everyone Each Day
  • Family Night on Friday
  • Discuss and create a chore and allowance system (yeah I know we should have had this done)
  • Go to Church
  • Love Study Group Daily
  • Pray Daily
  • Post Consistently
  • Start Brochure
  • #eatinfebcontent
  • Finish Brandstarter
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch by 9am and 1pm, respectively
  • Gym 3 Time
  • 2 Yoga Workouts
  • BED BY 11pm- this needs to happen!
  • Study 1 hours 6 days a week
  • Work with Mentor on graduation plan
  • Pay off 2 Debts with Tax returns
  • Pay entire year of Truck payment
  • Pay entire year of Car Insurance
  • Search for best deal on new blinds
  • Replenish the 1000 emergency fund and move to another bank account

What are your goals for this week? Let me know on in the comments below!

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