Fresh, Local Boneless Chicken Breast....$1.67 per lb!

I had to pop in to notify you of this great stock up price on fresh local chicken.

If you are like my family having chicken breast on hand for quick and easy meas is oh so important. My stock up price used to be $1.99 per lb or when the grocery stores had B1G1 Free sales. I am thrilled that now my stock up price $1.80 or under and it is from a LOCAL Butcher.

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Hoffman's Quality Meats
Hagerstown, MD
Sale Dates 5/2-5/6/16
Boneless Chicken Breast $1.67/lb

**Tip** Call in your order ahead of time on high profile sales the store is typically busy and if you are getting a larger quantity it is best to call in and pick it up. Plus, it saves you the waiting with toddlers...hmm or is that just me?

You can find all of the sale items this week at Hoffman's on their website OR sign up for their weekly email blast (this is how I keep up with the weekly sales).

I use either Ziplock or Hefty Slider Freezer Bags to store my meats in a deep freeze. AND before anyone asks I do a 50/50 mix of ground turkey and lean ground sirloin. I know it looks odd in the bag but we have found this helps flavor the ground turkey and cuts the cost of buying as much since it tends to be pretty pricey.

I share all about portioning meat and buying from a local butcher in this vlog.

What is your stock up price on meats? I always love hearing others price points because they can be highly subjective!


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