Frugal Foodie Motivation: Freeze IT!

Freezing leftover foods

Hey guys! Today I was cleaning out my fridge. This is not a typical Tuesday morning activity in my house but sometimes after a busy weekend my fridge is raging out of control.  I hope someone out there can empathize with me.

It is no secret around here that household food waste is a HUGE issue and an even larger waste of money.

Have you ever seen the T.V. show Everybody Hates Chris? It was a kids show on Nickelodeon I believe in the early 2000;s. The dad on the show worked really hard for the family to live and when the kids or wife wasted something he would always say something to the effect "That's 15 cents of butter or 89 cents of pancake batter". This always made me laugh because I have said similar things in my life.

Wasting food when so many people in this world are starving with no idea where their next meal is coming from is just hard for me to do.

Don't get me wrong waste happens at our house. It is inevitable with kids and busy lives. I just try my hardest to make it as minimal as possible.

Today I wanted to share a super simple tip that has kept me from wasting my berries.

We love fresh berries and with berries season right around the corner in MD, WV, and PA I thought  I would share this tip with you.

It never fails that we don't eat all our berries before they go bad. To stop this nasty cycle I eat as much as I can of the fresh berries and then simply wash and freeze the leftovers before they spoil.

Its so simple your young children can be in charge of this task!

We then use the frozen berries for smoothies, bakes goods, jams, and anything else that frozen berries are good for.

They last a good 3-5 months frozen for us, but they rarely ever last that long.

I want to hear what the weirdest thing you have frozen that worked, comment below or find me on Facebook and Instagram! Want more frugal foodie tips? Check out my Back to Basics|Saving in the Kitchen Series!


How to save berries from spoiling

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