Our Free or Cheap Summer Fun Academic Schedule 2016

Free or Cheap Summer Fun Ideas

One the great things about getting to spend the summers with the boys is that we can plan for some serious FUN!

Staying home for the time being means our budget is tight. It really is a double edged sword sometimes.
Today I will be sharing our Free or Cheap summer academics schedule.
Next week, I will be back to share all of the great free or cheap local events and activities that we do and recommend in the Hagerstown, MD and surrounding areas!
 I hope you enjoy and let me hear what you are doing!

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The Background Information:
I think it really is important to know some details about our family because not all of this will work for everyone
I have 2 boys 3.5 and 10. That is a pretty big gap I am aware. This does take a little bit of creativity when it comes to planning academics because they are each at different developmental stages and like different things.
My 10 year old get just over 2 month off for summer break. We also do not play summer sports so it is a complete break from anything formal, other than church.
My 3 year old is still home with me so to him summer is special because big brother is home more than normal.
To keep us all from going bonkers I create a summer schedule which includes a daily academic schedule and our event schedule. I am a firm believer in keeping up with some sort of academic learning over the summer because if :you don't use it, you really can lose it."

The Finances:
Our budget for this summer is higher than the previous two summers. Both boys are in music lessons/classes and my oldest has decided to attend an outdoors camp for one week this summer. We typically ask for money to offset these costs for birthdays. We also have updated our monthly budget to cover the cost of guitar lessons for my oldest each month. This meant that our other actives had to be VERY LOW COST or FREE. We have about $15.00 a week to spend or $60.00 a month to spread out as I see fit.

The Academic Schedule:
As mentioned above my boys are pretty far apart in age. However, they like doing things together for the most part. I plan our academic time in the mornings, working together, and I am present to help guide each activity.

Fun or Cheap education summer activities to keep your kids busy

Movin' Math Monday Activities
Paper Plate Memory Game
Math Twister
Sidewalk Chalk Math Maze
Math Nature Hunt
Whack the Number
Counting Action Dice

Thankful Tuesday
Thank you Cards
Thank you Art
Thank you Craft
2 Random Acts of Kindness
Learn to Pray for what we are thank for

Water Wednesday
Water Balloons
Water Guns
Water Slide
Pool Day/Splash Pad in Hagerstown MD
Water Pistol Painting
Squirt Gun Water Races

Think Thursday
This will be STEM based with writing. My goal is to teach my oldest son how to research, write, present, and display a report from beginning to end.

Our theme will be Volcano's.

My little guy will be learning about a different aspect of Volcano's each week while I work with my oldest son.

Of course there will be a Volcanic eruption at some point I found a  Magic School Bus Kit for our Eruption...I can't wait!

Food Fridays
My Guys love to make food almost as much as I do! Each summer we choose special treats to make. Cooking with your kids is an amazing tool. It encompasses all of the academics and creates some awesome memories! Tag me in your social media posts when you cook in the kitchen with your kids! I love hearing when you do this, just use #TNTLkitchen.

Pretzel Bites
Fudge Pops
Chocolate Pudding
Ice Cream
Peanut Butter Cups

We also participate in the our local Libraries Summer Reading Program each year.
Washington County Free Public Library Summer Reading Program
Franklin County Free Public Library Summer Reading Program
Berkeley County Free Public Library Summer Reading Program
I hope you have enjoy these ideas and let me know in the comments below or on Facebook what you are planning to do with your kids this summer! XX,

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Free and Cheap Summer learning activities for kids 2-10

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