Discipline: Learning to have Control with Money

How to use Discipline in order to control your spending

During my latest family finance budget session our keyword seemed to be "Discipline". 

Discipline is training yourself to have control.

Learning to control your spending can be a challenge when your habits have already been established. Many of us are used to not only spending the money we make but also money that is lent to use from creditors. This makes a need to break not only 1 but 2 habits.

The first step in learning to be more disciplined is creating a budget.

Why you ask? Knowing what is coming in and what is going out well open your eyes in a BIG way. Most people are completely unaware of what they spend month to month. Think about it and be honest. Can you name the last 10 purchases you made? I am guessing not. Now some of you can look back on a spreadsheet because you track your spending. WAY TO GO! But when you add a spouse and credit cards the spiral continues. 

When your budget is complete this will give you the knowledge. 
With this knowledge you will have to retrain yourself on how you think about money and spending.You have to make a choice to spend only what you make. You have to chose how much you will save and what to do when there is something you want but don't have the money budgeted.

Our choices on how we spend money is where discipline kicks in. 
Some find it easier to have discipline when they are being held accountable. Others like to set goals and reach them using discipline. While others need to use an all cash system to feel the actual pain of letting their money go.

Your Financial Future Awaits.
However you decide to use discipline with money please know that it is a learning curve, there will be trials and successes. Just know that the end game is your better financial future. 
If you would like to work one on one to build your family budget, create financial goals and have accountability contact me today!


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