Embrace Monday to get The Most Out of YOUR Week

Embrace Monday My #1 Productivity Tip

To many Embracing Monday sounds like an anti-motivational quote. 

If you ever watched How I Met Your Mother you would probably put "Embrace Monday" right smack in the middle of Barney Stinson's office wall. A wall full of awkward motivational quotes.

It just sounds so contradictory to what modern day beliefs are...embrace the day of the week no one likes? Actually, look forward to the beginning of another week? Don't wish for a fire at work so I don't have to go in? 

Yes, friends today, this fine Monday morning, I am going to tell you to embrace it like no one else and why it's my #1 constant productivity tip.

A Case of the Monday's 
Working full time in a job you don't necessarily like is hard. Getting up to another week of communicating primarily with toddlers while your spouse is at work gets mundane. Going to school 180 days out of the year makes Monday's feared. Sunday evenings in most houses are filled with snide comments about dreading the next day. Poor Monday! 

Monday morning rolls around there is literally a "Case of the Monday's" in the air. Commuter traffic is rageful, the coffee shop has extra long lines, and mom's everywhere are praying their kids will sleep in just a little longer. 

When you finally get to your destination there is probably one lonely person who is excited to see a new day and you hate them. I get it.

I want to challenge everyone to change their attitude about Monday's! 

Embrace Monday-Because NO One Else Is
My Confession: I embrace Monday because no one else does
It gives me a leg up on everyone else and midweek when people are hustling to make up for their Monday blues. I am setting calm waiting for the weekend

Embrace Monday-Because "The Earlybird Catches the Worm"
People who embrace Mondays are going to reap a benefit. It will differ in each situation but the early bird always catches a worm. 
For me personally, "my worm" is not feeling overwhelmed all week. If getting up on Monday and being productive as possible means I can feel sane by Friday. I am going to do!
Maybe your worm is impressing the boss, or having more time to be creative throughout the week.

Embrace Monday-Because you ONLY have 7 Days a Week
Time is a precious commodity, we only have 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Why would you choose to toss 52 Mondays a year out the window? That is a waste of 74,880 minutes of your life each year? I want to embrace each minute of my life to the fullest, even Monday Mornings.

I have seen the positive effect this has had on my productivity, relationships, and mood. I know it is hard to process because every other person is hating 8am right now and you are talking about how much you loved whatever you did this weekend. Monday DOESN'T have to ruin that experience!
You should be reenergized, in a good mood, and booking it to the NEXT weekend this Monday morning.

Here is one of my favorite Monday Quotes:

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Embrace Monday because now one else is, My #1 Productivity Tip
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