Life is an ADVENTURE

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all- Helen Keller

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Why it is Important to Give on ANY Income

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A very common question I get asked is "should I be giving if I can't afford to pay my bills?".  There is no one blanket statement to this questions but from my experince if you can't give finanically you can still give the gift of your time and talent, so, yes.


Friday Finds: Free Fruit, Free Financial Workshop and MORE!

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Introducing the New TNTL!

Hey there frugal friends! I have tried to start this post many, many times over the past 2 years but the time never felt right. I suppose it wasn't the right time because today as I sit here and type I feel excitement and peace announcing the NEW TNTL!

I know that as a business owner or leader you will never please everyone. That is something I had to come to terms with over this journey. So for those of you, that came to TNTL expecting one thing and feel like you are getting another I sincerely apologize. These past 5 years have been a transformative process for me and I am finally at peace with the direction and outcome. I hope you will see the passion I have and continue to stick around!