Introducing the New TNTL!

Hey there frugal friends! I have tried to start this post many, many times over the past 2 years but the time never felt right. I suppose it wasn't the right time because today as I sit here and type I feel excitement and peace announcing the NEW TNTL!

I know that as a business owner or leader you will never please everyone. That is something I had to come to terms with over this journey. So for those of you, that came to TNTL expecting one thing and feel like you are getting another I sincerely apologize. These past 5 years have been a transformative process for me and I am finally at peace with the direction and outcome. I hope you will see the passion I have and continue to stick around!


Mission Statement: To help families learn, grow, and encourage each other in the art of family finance. 

TNTL will help families learn about family finance through educational blog posts, classes, and one on one coaching. 

TNTL will help families grow in the art of family finance by initiating an atmosphere of positivity around embracing financial freedom and family life. 

TNTL will encourage families through various social media platforms and Get a Life Tribe to take control of their finances, make a plan, and stick with it.

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing"-  1Thessalonians 5:11

Using this Mission Statement to guide the direction of all I do at The Nifty Thrifty Thrifty Lady here is what to expect:

TNTL BLOG:  This little corner of the Internet is my baby. It was how I started it all on September 21, 2011. The Blog WILL BE STAYING! This will be the main hub of all events, learning materials, and 2 blog posts a week, one on Monday, this will an educational post, and one on Friday, this will be a post sharing the week's top deals. I will still be doing a few monthly challenges to help meet the mission of growing and I will continue the One Deal a Day November 21st to December 10th. Plus, there is a wealth of knowledge in the archives of this blog over the past 5 years!

GET A LIFE TRIBE: This group community will be used to facilitate all of the mission statement. I created the group on FB since it is the most highly used and user-friendly platform. There are daily family and finance prompts to get you thinking and implementing good money habits. There will be weekly live Q&A's with yours truly so I can meet your needs as much as possible. I will also be doing a monthly interview with a local frugal minded business. Finally, as the group grows we will be sharing money success stories to help encourage and prove financial freedom can happen! Join Get a Life Tribe 

MONEY MANAGEMENT SERVICES: I am officially offering Money Management services both to those that are local and not. You can choose from Financial Goal Setting or Family Finance Money Management. Each service comes with accountability perks and meets the mission to learn and grow in finances. 

TNTL SOCIAL MEDIA: A fun fact you may not know about me. I work with small businesses to help improve and create social media strategies. I have found the world of social media to be intriguing and see the value of  it when connecting with an audience. For TNTL I have decided to use 3 main platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. My personal goal with these platforms is not about hitting a number of followers. It is about connecting and engaging with you. I share as much of my personal and professional life as I feel I can. I also will be using these platforms (mostly FB) to be sharing deals each day that will not be found here. The truth is writing or sharing a Facebook post is very simple compared to writing a blog post. You can follow TNTL on these platforms here: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

TNTL YOUTUBE CHANNEL: I don't consider this Social Media. I will be posting a new video each Wednesday. I use Youtube as an additional educational source. I love doing videos because I can say 5000 words easier than type them AND I think you, as reader,  can connect more with me as a person. You can follow TNTL youtube channel here

TNTL GNO: YUP you read that right a TNTL Girls Night Out. If there is one thing I know about frugal living, finding other frugal women can be TOUGH! I want to unite us frugal ladies! Quarterly I will be hosting a GNO with another wonderful business host. Each GNO will have a different theme but the content will be focused around money saving topics. The first GNO will be September 30 and I will be partnering with Jamberry guru, Brooke Kerbs. Even better,  Coffee and Sweet Treats are on us if you register now!

TNTL FAMILY FINANCE CLASSES: Teaching is what I was born for. I will never be able to give up that part of me. I currently am teaching a coupon class and meal planning class at Valor Crisis Center the 2nd Wednesday of each month. My Goal is to add an evening class to this schedule, one online class and one weekend class each month so I can meet the time frame needs of everyone. If you are a local non-profit, church, or group that would like to host a class I would love to chat about the possibility.  Class Schedule and  information here.

TNTL COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER: Finally, the last way I will be meeting TNTL Mission Statement is with the Community Newsletter. I offer many options for the newsletter to suit your preferences because I just don't like to spam people! There is a daily option, you get this when I write a new post. A weekly option, this is a summary of the week at TNTL. And a monthly option, this is a once a month personal newsletter. There are obviously perks of signing up like, getting to know about events and classes first, special discounts and free printables! Join TNTL Newsletter list now

Business Hours and Contact Information: The very best way to reach me is through email,  Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. jen@eintragsdienst.org
Please allow 24 hours for a response and no responses will be made over the weekend. 
Contacting me via a Social Media Outlet: Please Allow 24 hours for a response. If you do not receive on within 24 hours please email me. Social Media can experience technical issues so email is a great back up. No responses will be made over the weekend. 
If you wish to work with me as business partner please fill out this contact form and allow 24-48 hours for a response.

I am thrilled about the NEW TNTL! This has been my vision for so long but I have been afraid to take the jump because I know offering deals and coupons were what so many people wanted. This is a huge part of who I still am and how our family affords to be a single income family. BUT there are people that do this amazingly well with a team and I think they are great at it. My heart is teaching family finance so everyone can have the opportunity to succeed with money.

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