Life is an ADVENTURE

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all- Helen Keller

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This March I turned 30 years old. If you know me behind the scenes you know that age means nothing to me at all. I am not saddened or scared of getting older. In fact, I LOVE getting older. 


Because the older I get the more Life Adventures I get to experience! Seriously! I am not making this up. 

To me, I was given a life from our Creator. He did not put me here to sit and be complacent with my time, talents, and life journey. Of course, I struggle just like everyone with making the right decisions and dealing with the regrets and consequences of poor decisions. But that is the beauty of adventures. They all connect to one another by YOUR choices and each day you get to wake up and choose where your adventure is going to take you today. 

Helen Keller is one women that could have become complacent and bitter. She could have taken life's complications and obstacles, toss her hands in the air and given up. Instead, she overcame her physical disabilities and became a world-renowned political activist  and speaker, as well as, an author. Her quote has always stood out to me: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Most of us are not faced with being blind and deaf. We get to see and hear the miraculous world we live in. We have abounding opportunities to enjoy our life adventure!

I will leave you with one of my favorite adventures I have ever had in my 30 years.

When I was in 3rd grade I decided I wanted to try to play soccer. I am not sure why? None of my friends played and I was the only girl on a "co-ed" team. 
Let's not mention that I didn't run, my hand-eye coordination was terrible (at best), and I was socially awkward. I am sure the parents on the sidelines were all wondering what I was doing there. 
Let warn you this adventure is not one of those "she started from nowhere and became an Olympic athlete" oh how I wish!!
I continued to play fall and spring soccer, and sometimes indoor during the winter. I practiced and found I had a knack for getting that ball up the field and defending our goal. So I became an okay defender.
In middle school, I parted ways with that "co-ed" league and joined the middle schools all girls team. At first, I was out of my comfort zone.There had been 2 girls on my team prior to this and I was 1 of the 2. I had to learn how to adjust to girls and dare I say drama, 
Our team was amazing, we went many seasons undefeated, our coaches were the most papa bear coaches we could ask for. We worked hard, we worked well, and we put away all the outside "stuff" on the field. 
The awesome thing is that our Middle School Team transitioned to be our High School Team. Some of our all-star members moved up to Varsity but, all in all, we stayed intact. 
I personally developed more than soccer skills during my years on this team. It was the start of me taking risks, embracing simple disciplines, and becoming a leader. 
My soccer career ended my Junior Year due to a knee injury. Although, many of my new life adventures started that year. 

Had I not continued with soccer that first season of 3rd grade I can safely say I would not have ended up here, today, writing  to you and encouraging you to make life an adventure you won't regret!

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