The Benefits of a Gift Closet

How to create and shop for a gift closet

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Let's set the scene.

The time: noon. The day: Saturday. The place: your kitchen fridge. The problem?

You forgot it you had a birthday party that starts in T-30 Minutes. Sure you could come up with some lame excuse and call and cancel. Worse yet you could show up empty handed with the promise of a "belated gift" OR
you could head to your gift closet grab the perfect gift, wrap it and then of course still be late because someone can't find their shoes.

Oh, wait that last part doesn't happen to everyone?!

Today I want to share with you the MAJOR benefits of creating a gift closet in your home and how I shop for the items. I promise after this you will want to start one A.S.A.P!
For all of you visual learners out there my newest video captures this blog post in full (HD). Boy, I am on a roll today! This post many leave you in tears with corny jokes!

For all my readers out there let's break this idea down.

What is a Gift Closet?
First, a Gift "Closet" does not have to be a closet at all. In my video you learn that I have a drawer dedicated for the use of a Gift Closet. Some people like to use a storage tote and others stash gifts under their bed!

Second, a gift closet is easily defined as purchasing items that you would likely gift to someone in the future. A gift closet is not meant to store gifts you know you are going to be giving to someone in a week. The other part of having a gift closet is that the items are typically found at a discount or on clearance.

How to Shop for a Gift Closet?
When I am out doing my normal shopping I am always on the lookout for great items to add to my gift drawer. My drawer holds items matching these categories:

  • Kids
  • Electronics
  • Wedding/Housewarming
  • Teacher
  • Co-worker/boss
  • Random
As you can see I don't break my categories up into holidays because I think the true purpose of a gift closet is to have more generic items on hand for those last minute invites or for times when you are low on funds.

Don't forget to store some cards and wrapping supplies close by! Get 10 FREE Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints until October 26 and 25% other purchases. 

Where to Shop for a Gift Closet?
Here are my Favorite Places to shop for my gift drawer:

  • Kohl's (clearance)
  • Target (clearance or chart wheel app deals)
  • Office supply stores (great way to get electronics on clearance)
  • Book Store (Clearance)
  • Dollar Tree
  • Sam's or Costco (Clearance)
  • Grocery Store (clearance)
I guess you can tell I am the clearance shopping queen. But honestly, the things I find are awesome. In my video, I share how I found a Bluetooth shower speaker for 50% off , fisher price toys, and more.

What are the benefits of a Gift Closet?
The first major benefit of a gift closet is the time and panic saving ability.  
Think back to the opening scene. If you haven't been there I praise you! But I am willing to bet we all have had the panic of not having a gift for a random party at one time or another. Instead of awkwardly canceling last minute (which let's face it, the host probably bought food for you so that is a cost to them) or showing up sans gift. You can calmly proceed to your gift closet and move on with your day. 

The second major benefit of a gift closet is that of money savings.
Too many times when I was in this last minute panic I would rush us to the local target and get a $25.00 Gift Card. Because $10 is too little and $20 probably wouldn't get a great present. So I landed on $25. Now take that awesome Bluetooth Shower Speaker for example. I got that for $9.99 If it was a friend or co-workers gift that would be perfect and saved me $15.00

Another great way to utilize the gift closet is by stocking up on gifts throughout the year for family for Christmas. This concept keeps you prepared and ahead of the crazy seasonal shoppers!

It is your turn! Do you have a Gift Closet? How has it helped you?

How to create and shop for a gift closet

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