Packing an Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box on a Budget

Items to Pack in Operation Christmas Child Shoebox for Boy

Packing Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes has become the official sign that the Holidays are here at our house! To be honest I don't think I could think of a better way to kick off the festivities.

I issue an OCC challenge every year and this year was no different. The best part is you still have 6 days until collection week so you can join in.

Collection Dates are November 14-21 You can check for a drop off location on the OCC website

My goal every year is to pack a box stuffed full with items and do it on a budget.

This year we ended up shopping a lot at the Dollar Tree, Marshall's, and Target (go figure!). I am always excited when I can include the boys in a video so I had a few helpers in our "OCC Unboxing" you can see that below! WARNING: There are outtakes at the end so you don't want to miss that!

Box 1: Boy 10-14 years old

Soccer Ball            Marshall's          $8.99
Pump                     Dollar Tree        $1.00
Cup                       Target                 $0.30
Soap                      Dollar Tree         $0.50
Wash Cloth            Dollar Tree         $0.50
2 Toothbrushes      Dollar Tree        $1.00
Flash light             Dollar Tree        $1.00
Batteries                Dollar Tree        $0.50
Cartoon 101          Target                $2.39
Pencil Sharpeners  Dollar Tree       $0.50
Scissors                  Target               $0.72
Gloves                    Dollar Tree       $0.90
TOTAL                                            $18.30

Box 2: Boy 2-4 Year Old

Play Doh and Cutters   Dollar Tree    $0.90
Light up Ball                Dollar Tree    $0.90
Monster Truck              Dollar Tree     $0.90
"Legos"                        Dollar Tree     $0.90
Cup                              Target             $0.30
Soap                             Dollar Tree     $0.50
Wash Cloth                  Dollar Tree      $0.50
2 Toothbrushes            Dollar Tree      $1.00
Flash light                    Dollar Tree       $1.00
Batteries                      Dollar Tree       $0.50
Water Colors               Dollar Tree       $0.90
Construction paper      Dollar Tree       $0.90
Scissors                        Target               $0.72
Gloves                          Dollar Tree       $0.90
Total                                                            $10.82
**I used a 10% of 10 items or more coupon for Dollar Tree to make all the items $0.90

We also donate $7.00 for each box so they can be shipped.

Our grand total for two stuffed boxes was: $43.12

This year we started buying a little later in the season but it aligned perfectly with back to school clearance.

There so many great ways to stay on a budget and give a shoe box! These boxes mean so much to children all around the world but it is also a great lesson to teach your child.

Do you fill a shoe box? Let me know in the comments. Have you ever had a child respond back?

Packing an Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box on a Budget


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