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"You don't have to have it all together to manage your money wisely"

Hello and Welcome!
 I am Jen Ward (Jennifer if you look on by birth certificate). I am currently a stay-at-home-mom/Work-at-home-mom. I guess you could say I struggle with my identity.
Either way the transition from working full time to primarily staying home has been a major challenge both socially and financially!
 I am pursuing my Accounting degree online with a great online school and love watching all the milestones with our youngest son that I missed with our oldest.
I was born and raised in  Western Maryland and that is where I continue to stay. My Husband can't believe that I have lived 30 years in the same place and lately, I have been itching for a change. Who knows maybe you will get to follow us on a moving journey soon?

Speaking of my husband. His name would be Jeff and he may be over a foot and a half taller than me! #Short-girlproblems
We met in 2002 working at what we call the "best job of our lives", Roy Rogers. Seriously, we look back on that job and think if we only knew then what we know now. Since then my husband has gone on to the big bad world of engeiering...did I mention he is a smarty pants?
 We have been together for 14 years, were married in January of 2010, and had our first child in 2006. We did things a little backward and while it is not something that I promote I do believe that we serve a forgiving God. 

In 2006 we welcomed our first son into the world. Christopher Ryan. He is the most amazing kid I know. Of course, I am biased but he can hold a conversation with just about anyone, has the best humor for a 10-year-old, worry's rather or not his little bro is a Christian and likes to create awesome Lego figures for his engineer dad! He loves music playing both a saxophone and guitar. He is so independent it makes me sad many days but I know that when the time comes he will be ready to face the big world we live in!

In 2012, we had our second son, Colton James. Colton is our spit-fire. He, unfortunately, is just as independent as our first son so I can't say he is mama's little boy. At 3.5 Years old he is had 7 staples in his noggin, taken a few rough tumbles, loves is church class, and PBS.kids (seriously he is addicted)!

If you can't tell I live for my kids. They are the single most important thing to me. I love my husband and my family but folks my boys melt my heart.

So why did I start The Nifty Thrifty Lady you ask?

I have always been thrifty! My family affectionately refers to me as a tightwad.
I remember shopping with my mom and sisters and kindly TURNING DOWN clothes because it was not necessary for me to have them. I loved yard sales and consignment shops and studied accounting and business as my completer in high school. While money should not rule your life I strongly believe you should spend wisely so you can live a  fun and balanced life
In 2011 I was working part-time at a great local Christian daycare in the after school program. I had just finished up my degree in Early Childhood Ed and was looking for a stepping stone to preschool teacher. The transition from full-time work to part-time work hit our family hard because we had also just moved into our first house. Poor timing ,yes, a mistake, no.

 Being the budgeter (I think I made that word up!) I am I re-evaluated our budget and decided I need to cut our grocery bill in like a fourth! We were spending nearly $500.00 a month on a family of 3!  I knew meal planning would help but also knew that I could step up my coupon game. I did this for 3 months and was able to cut our grocery budget down to $300.00.  I was pleased with that but thought I can do more to cut costs! Simple things that everyday people can do!

This thought lead me to research how to blog so I could share my ideas with other folks who wanted to do the same. I started TNTL and have never looked back...well maybe a few times but what good does that do?

Bring on February 2012 and TWO PINK lines! We were going to welcome a new little one to our family. This rocked our world because I was also offered a full-time teaching position. The timing was crazy because we had to make a bunch of life decisions within a short period and all of them would affect our budget and our family.  What we finally choose was for me to teach until the baby came and then stay home with the boys so I could pursue  what I have found to be my calling outside of my role as a mom, family finances and small business. 

In December of 2012 I started to focus on The Nifty Thrifty Lady and put myself out there so to speak. I also decided to transition from coupon blogger to family finance/frugal living blogger.  From that I have had the honor of teaching coupon classes at our local libraries, speaking to great groups of women about everything from budgeting to meal planning to my favorite lotion and coffee spot and in March of 2013 I created Get a L.I.F.E {Lesson in Frugal Economics} a frugal living workshop.

Blogging was something I never thought I would do. I really stink at writing (ask my editor,  My sister!) and I have a hard time working a smartphone. But I was determined to help others save money so they can stay home, become debt free, take awesome vacations or retire with a savings account. I have stayed up many long nights and should probably buy stock in Youtube to learn what I need to bring everyone a great functional site.

My mission is to you implement simple everyday money saving soultion so you can live a fun, frugal, and balanced life.

That is why I entitled the blog The Nifty Thrifty Lady.

Phew that was a LOT about me. Please enjoy this site it is for YOU!!

Have a Nifty and Thrifty Day

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