Family Finance Classes

Upcoming Events

Valor Crisis Center
Couponing 101
November 9, 2016 @ 11:30
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*Jen is currently booking evening and weekend classes for Winter 2016-2017 Please use the contact form to request information

Past Events

Take Back your Budget!
September 12-16, 2016
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TNTL Community GNO
W/Jen Ward and Brooke Kerbs
Rooster Moon Coffeehouse
Septemeber 30, 2016 5-6:30pm
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Hagerstown Housing Authority
Coupon Class
July 28, 2016 @ 4pm
*Residents only*

Baby and Healthy Mom Coupon Swap
Hosted by Hagerstown Birth and Babies Fair
March 6, 2016 @ 2:30

Coupon Swap Hagerstown Maryland

Coupon Class
Hagerstown Library (central location)
April 27, 2016 @ 5:30pm

Coupon Class for Hagerstown Maryland

With an A.A.S. in Education and anticipated B.A. in Accounting/Marketing (2016), Jen brings an extensive knowledge of hands-on teaching and communication paired with frugal living and financial knowledge.

Speaking Events
  • Church Groups
  • Moms Groups
  • Women's Groups
  • Local businesses
  • Non-profits 
Workshops or Retreats
  • Single day events (Must be home by Sunday to attend Church with her family)
 Topics or Classes I Love to Teach
How to Clip and Save:
Did you know that grocery expenses are the 3rd largest expense a family has? Learn the foundation of how to coupon and stock up on items your family truly needs. By following a few simple tactics I can teach you how to save 50% off your grocery bill. Couponing has been a very large part of how our family has been able to transition to a single income family. Even now as we are changing our eating habits couponing is and will always be a large way to save.

How to Shop the Stores: 
After years of walking into a store and paying retail prices, I learned how to shop smart and still get what I needed.
This is class will teach the basics of how to shop any store and save by doing 3 simple things. We will look closely at Top National Stores and bring it back home with Washington counties top stores.

Meal Planning:
A Family of 4 on average wastes over $2000.00 worth of food per year. Meal planning can help solve this issue and  answer the age-old question "What's for dinner tonight mom?"! We will learn how to meal plan for any family size, work situation or diet. During the class, each attendee will receive an exclusive Meal Planning Packet.

Simple Budgeting:
" A goal without a plan is just a wish" The same applies to your money. Creating a spending plan has always come naturally to me, I remember at age 14 I would sit with a notebook and figure out how much money I could spend out of my very minimal Ski Resort paycheck.  From there as my pay increased so did my expenses and each pay I would do the say. Telling your heard earned money where to go makes it work the hardest for you. You do not need expensive software or pricy apps to make a simple and effective plan. I will teach how to zero base budget, track spending and great financial goals that can and WILL be reached.
Girl's Night In (local only)
Do you have a small group of friends that would like to learn how to coupon?
Why not host a coupon class with The Nifty Thrifty Lady!
  • Classes are tailored to your coupon level
  • Classes can be held in your home or public venue (the host arranges)
  • The class will be two hours dedicated to increasing your coupon knowledge
  • Each class group will have one coupon binder giveaway
  • Each class will hold a small coupon swap to start coupon collection
  • Classes are $5.00 per person and the host is free
  Contact me today to talk about speaking or teaching at your next event.

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  1. I need a class but I live in SC!!

    1. I could use a vacation! I know that Southren Savers hosts coupon classes and online seminars. I am looking into holding a class via YouTube in 2014 so stayed tuned. Thanks for visiting and the Comment.

  2. How do I sign up for basic classes?