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BOGO coupons How in the world do I use them?

BOGO coupons are awesome and can lead to many cheap or free products. However, using them properly is the source of many couponers frustrations and confusion!

Rule 1:

BOGO coupons can not be combined with another Manufactures Cent's off coupon:

What does this mean?

If I have a Buy one "product", Get one "product" free coupon you can only use this ONE coupon for both products. The B1G1 attaches its self to both products and per the coupon "fine print" can not be combined with any other Manufacturer's  coupon!  So you can not use an additional manufactures coupon  for the item you are paying regular price for. This is based on the Coupon's fine print not the stores coupon policy! Rule 2:

BOGO Coupon with BOGO store sale:

What does this mean?

If I have a BOGO Coupon and CVS or WALGREEN'S is running a BOGO sale I can Combine these two deals to get BOTH products free.  The Store is offering a sale and the Manufacture will reimburse the store for the other free product redeemed through the BOGO Coupon.

Rule 3:

BOGO Coupon with Cents off store coupon:

If I have a BOGO coupon  for Buy one product,and get one Product free, as well as STORE coupons I can use two store coupons at CVS. I can use use ONE store coupon at TARGET. I know that it is common practice to use a Manufacturer's coupon with a Manf. BOGO coupon. However, this is against the coupon fine print and I do not want to advertise any coupon fraud. So, from now on I will not be posting an deals that would use this combination.

If you have any questions, comments, or concern's please feel free to contact me or leave a comment! Happy Couponing!