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A guest post: Bundles and Buzz Review

I would like to welcome a guest author to the Nifty Thrifty Lady! The Wonderful mama of three little girls! Tiffany M. When you have little girls you have to be up on the latest trends, fashions, and when you have three you have to be able to find them on the cheap! Tiffany is always on the look out for a great, new and fresh way to save money and try new things. I wanted to share her latest review with you on a Website Called Bundles and Buzz! Everyone likes a little mystery in their life and this an awesome and cheap way to get it plus score great finds for your kiddos! Bundles and Buzz Review: Toddler Package
Today my Bundles and Buzz package came in the mail! You can find them here on Facebook. This awesome company creates surprise packages for Mama, Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Cloth, and special ones such as Back to School and Summer bundles. They are around $30 and come with $30+ worth of products and/or promo codes. You can select boy, girl, or gender neutral bundles. I selected girl and it was suggested to me by Bundles and Buzz via their facebook page to add in the comments that I have 2 girls and that they may throw in something extra for me! Great customer service!

Now on to the good stuff, here’s what I got in my bundle!
 A Great Big THANK YOU to Tiffany for writing this post and for finding such an awesome Package of Goodies! I know I can't Wait to order one!

What do you think of this deal? Leave a comment in the Comment section!